Cycling Sweden - Middle East

Iran, Mongolia, Caucasus, Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan.
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Cycling Sweden - Middle East

Post by VikingBiking »


I'm a 37 year old Hungarian-Swedish guy. I'm gonna start cycling from Sweden to Iran on March 1, 2023. Hit me up, if you want to join. :-)
My plan is to take the ferry from Malmö to Travemünde/Rostock in Germany, then biking across Germany, Czechia, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, North-Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Iran.
How I will continue, I'll see in one year. :-)
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Re: Cycling Sweden - Middle East

Post by Marcellc67 »

Wishing you all the best man!!

I'll be starting my attempt to walk the Silk Road on 26 August from Istanbul and then into Georgia and Armenia - possibly Iran but that's still not sure.
Maybe we meet somewhere :D
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