Mongolia Travel Sharing (Jun 2024)

Iran, Mongolia, Caucasus, Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan.
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Mongolia Travel Sharing (Jun 2024)

Post by clara243 »


We will be doing a tour in Mongolia (guaranteed departure) from 8th June 2024 till 14th June 2024 (Gobi Desert & Orkhon Valley. Currently, there are 3 of us and we are looking for at least 2 more travellers who will be interested to join us! Price is USD980 if there are 5 or more people.

You can take a look at the detailed itinerary via the tour agency's website: ... erary.html

Thank you!
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Mongolia Travel Sharing (Jun 2024)

Post by Lagerfeld »

Hi, clara, for a 6-days-tour 980 $ ? No, never ever! Much too much . . .
And for me as a single traveller another 260 $ for a single accomodation ? Never . . .
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Re: Mongolia Travel Sharing (Jun 2024)

Post by wonderlust_ana »

Hello members,

My mom and I will be going to Mongolia from June 10th till June 17th. We are planning to rent a 4x4 vehicle with a driver for 12 or 13 days within this period. I am negotiating with 2 drivers at the moment, both from the Indy Guide website. The price range for a day of service (car+driver+his expenses) is around 100 USD. We need to pay for our food, accommodation, and gasoline. We will probably bring a tent and get food and cooking equipment in Ulaan Bator but some days we will stay in gers or homestays. So 400$ each for the car/driver and my estimate for the whole trip (3000km)with today's gas prices is 300$ per person (3 people sharing). Other costs in terms of food and accommodation are up to you. Food cooking and using a tent will be close to nothing and glamping of course will be much more. Planned itinerary: Starting from UB go to see Baga Gazariin rock, White stupa, Yoliin Ice Canyon, Gobi desert, Flaming cliffs, Ongi monastery, Kharakorin and Orkhon Valley, 8 lakes and possibly Khuvsgul lake up North. The itinerary can be extended for a day or two to 14 days. It is intense as we want to cover as much as possible so if you like it, feel free to contact me. BTW we traveled a lot so we are pretty chilled. DM if interested
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Re: Mongolia Travel Sharing (Jun 2024)

Post by rryb3 »


I arrive in Mongolia on June 9th and leave on June 17th. Is anyone else planning a tour during these dates? I am fairly easygoing about the itinerary, whether it is to the Gobi, Flaming Cliffs, Kharkorin, Gorkhi Terelj etc.

Feel free to reply/send a message if anyone wants to try and travelshare
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