Embassy Report: Iran Visa in Tashkent

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Re: Embassy Report: Iran Visa in Tashkent

Post by steven »

Please read and post reports on the embassy of Iran in Tashkent below.

We summarize all info in the embassy reports on the Iran visa page.

You can get a letter of invitation/visa authorisation code here.
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Embassy Report: Iran Visa in Tashkent

Post by Seradane »

Firstly, apologies if there is already a thread - I searched but couldn't find one.

So I thought I'd update on getting your Iran Visa in Tashkent as the last information is from 2015 and we weren't sure how much was still relevant.

Embassy staff are still very friendly and helpful, speak excellent English. We went on Wednesday around 9:30 and the room was very quiet, no waiting at all. Opening hours are Mon-Fri 9am - 12:30pm.

You need to fill in two forms, one police clearance with fingerprints and the other standard visa application. Three passport photos needed (don't know if your hair needs to be covered, the woman we dealt with seemed delighted that I had photos that did though).

We had the RN arranged through an agency (Pars Tourist Agency) and the lady at the embassy confirmed our visas were approved. Options were regular service which takes 1 week or emergency service which is same day, and they keep your passport. Payment is still required in Euros, and apparently the bank won't exchange or accept payment in another currency (this is what the lady at the embassy told us, didn't confirm with the bank).

Cost for emergency service for Australian passport is 150 euro. A French family applying appeared to be charged 75 euro each for same-day service.

This is where we came unstuck as we had hoped that euros were no longer required, so we had to go away and find a way to exchange some money for euros, which meant we ran out of time before they closed today. Will have to go back tomorrow and finish the process off (she kept our application forms there).

Edit: The following day we went back after obtaining Euros, and once we had the receipt walked to the NBU bank (which is only 15 or 20 mins walk away) to make the payment. They asked us if we had our customs form, and we said we didn't, we didn't realise we needed it. They didn't ask how we got the euros. They went away for a few minutes then came back and said one of the bank staff would make the payment for us as it didn't really matter. So they got some guys passport and entered his details instead!

Probably pretty easy for them to say no if you caught them on the wrong day though so really in all this best to just bring the euros in in the first place!

Then back to the embassy where we ended up waiting three and a half hours for the visas to process, finally getting them at 2:30pm, two hours after they were supposed to have closed! I believe it would normally have been quicker (they initially told us 1 to 1.5hr wait) but they were having internet issues, and fortunately there was a French family who seemed to have a special after-hours appointment waiting too, otherwise I suspect they would have made us come back the next working day (which as there was a public holiday on the Friday, meant four days later on Monday!). Or maybe because we'd been in two days in a row they were really trying to not have us come back after the weekend.

Either way, we got it in the end! 30 day visa valid for three months from date of issue.
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Re: Embassy Report: Iran Visa in Tashkent

Post by timagius91 »

Great! Thanks for the detailed report.
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Re: Embassy Report: Iran Visa in Tashkent

Post by viszabori »

Hello everyone,

I had a very pleasant experience at the Iranian embassy this morning. I went there for 10:30am, there was one man in front of me.
He kindly waited for me (pretty easy to fill in the form) and we went to the bank by taxi. We both paid €75 (Hungarian and Uzbek) - this seems to be the standard price for everyone for same day service.
We went back to the embassy with the receipts of payment and had to do the fingerprint stuff.
Our visas were ready 5 minutes after this! All in all it took little more than 1 hour.
Very good experience!
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Re: Embassy Report: Iran Visa in Tashkent

Post by Encoreunblogdevoyage »

A week ago, French couple : e-visa granted same day (75€).

We arrived at the embassy at 9h30. Our e-visa application had been stuck in the system for 16 days (12 working days) on « waiting for verification ». They nonetheless took in our application.
As mentioned previously we had to fill in two files : one with general information (an address in Iran needed) and one with our fingerprints (including knuckles). They asked for two pictures each, I had a veil on it (but two other women applicants did not). The employee asked us a few questions about our previous destinations.

We then went to pay (75€ each for same day, 50€ for a week later). The embassy gave us a receipt (1 for 2 people, they kept 1 of the 2 passports). Together with an ouzbek man (going through with the Iranian visa as well) we went to the bank (NBU) at 11Am. They asked for our hotel registration, and eventually agreed for us to pay without it. You still have to pay in euros (dollars are not accepted, nor credit card).

With the bank receipt, we went back just in time to get our visa at 12 (they close the gates at this time but will give you the visa until 12h30 if you were there earlier). It took 5 minutes to issue them.

So yeah, all good, and friendly staff but recommend to arrive at 9h-9h30 with euros if you want to have time for everything !
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Re: Embassy Report: Iran Visa in Tashkent

Post by marc »

We got our visa for Iran today at the embassy in Tashkent. Dutch + Icelandic passport.

Applied for the GN through Key2Persia (recommended by Caravanistan), initially my(Dutch) GN got declined stating I needed a business visa. However Zahra of Key2Persia applied again and this time it was approved.

Went to the embassy this morning at 09:00. We were the only ones there, filled in some additional papers(same as described above) and they took our finger prints. Had to pay 75 euro a person for same day issuing of the visa. Went to the NBU bank, paid the 75€ each ad went back to the embassy. Handed in the bank receipt and 10 minutes later we got the e-visa.

People at the embassy were super friendly and wished us a warm welcome to Iran.

When we got back to the hostel we also found out they send us a copy of the e-visa via e-mail. However it was in our junk mail, so double check that.
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Re: Embassy Report: Iran Visa in Tashkent

Post by pattex »

Both german passport.
Applied for E-visa. Got rejected twice. 1st try no reason 2nd try "use travel agency"
With tap persia everything worked out fine. Girlfriend got visa after two days. Me after a week.
Email stated to bring Hotel booking and vaccination certificate.
Arrived on wednesday 11am. 3 guys before us.
After 10 minutes they took our printed visa letter and gave us the standard form to fill out. We were a bit confused since we did the same online.
Also we did not bring a photo, since we did everything online already. They just cut the photo from the invitation letter to glue it on(we had printed it in color). We payed 50€ each, which they offered to bring to the bank for us.
We needed some time to fill and they asked if we were done. We were not but they took it anyway. Filled the phone in number with us. Asked us if we had vaccination certificate but didn´t need to show it. We had the feeling they wanted to finish for lunch so they didn´t care much.
They gave us the paper with the code. Welcomed us to Iran and we left. Easy procedure, nice staff.
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