Iranian visa extension in Tehran

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Re: Iranian visa extension in Tehran

Post by fra81 »

First extension of Iranian visa in Tehran.
I went to the office at 8:20 am and there were no queues, people start to arrive when I left the building around 9 am.
Same procedure and payment as the previous post.
I was not being able to get the extension on the same day: there was no way to convince the woman at the desk, she told me that the new visa would be ready the following day at 8 am.
My original visa was for 20 days long and I went to the office 3 days before it was expired.
I asked for 21 days extension and I receive 15 days.
The new visa was ready the following day at 8 am.
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Re: Iranian visa extension in Tehran

Post by shark-on-a-motorbike »

[Visa Extension Post-pandemic: 2022 May 29th]
Taiwanese passport, on a tourist visa (30 days), second extension

Arrived at the office (near Shahid Mofateh station) at 7:30am, just when they started letting people in. Small queue of ~15 people, and I suggest arriving before 8:30am to beat the crowd. You'll have to give them your cellphone at the gate, and your bags will be searched too.

Enter the building to the left of the courtyard. Once you're inside on the ground floor, get your pink folder & everything copied first (passport*2, visa*2), you couldn't miss the lady at the printing machine; you'll also receive 2 application form, fill them out in English. All of the above costs 160,000 rials. Now you're ready to head up.

On the first floor (the sign by the stairs says ground floor, everything is confusing I know lol), go to 'counter 2' first: the lady will give you 2 papers regarding your current visa status. Then hand everything to 'counter 3', they'll make sure you have everything in the folder, and order you to meet the boss. 'The boss' is the tricky one, he's to the right in the door that says No Entry (once again, confusing); apparently he was on a good mood today, asked me what job I do & how long I wanted to extend (I said one month), and he signed the papers. Go back to 'counter 3' and they give you a slip of paper for payment; head to the card machines to pay 500,000 rials, and if you don't have a card someone will help you. Take the receipt to 'counter 3', they'll stamp it and you're done for now!
[Recap: 2.3.boss.3.$.3]

They gave me 30 more days (as I asked) for a second extension, and it costs 660,000 rials in total. Keep in mind they'll tell you to pick up your visa and passport ~10 days later! For me I had to go back on June 9th, I'll update again once I have everything back. All in all, it was WAY smoother and WAY less crowded than my first extension done in Mashhad, and I can recommend doing it in Tehran. I was out of the office by 8:40am.

P.S. I was asked "what would you do to help the innocence?" at the boss, I find it quite an intriguing question for a visa extension.
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Re: Iranian visa extension in Tehran

Post by Heta »

We extended our visas in Tehran on 29.8.22. It went like described above. We got the pink folder on the first floor and in the same place made copies that were needed for the application. This cost like 0,40€.

One of required things is a picture in which ”respectful ladies must wear head scarf”, but I did’t wear one and it was ok. Also no travel itienary were asked. What they asked though was a paper about why you wanted the extension. We were not prepared for that so did some hand writing about how we need more time to go to Persepolis and so on. In the end they just handed these papers back to us so probably is was not needed after all.

After filling the form we went to the second floor. We run from counter to counter for some time to get stamps and what not. Finally we were told to pay in the corner of that same room. They only had card payment option so we paid some iranian the amount in cash (1,6€/ 500 000 rial each) and she was nice enough to use her card to pay our thing.
After this they took our passports and told to come back after four days to get our extensions. We said (like adviced here) thet we have a bus leaving that day so they told us to just wait for another 20 mins and after that we got our visas. It only took 2 hours all together!

We went to extend our visas when we still had two weeks left on them. They gave us another 30 days starting from the original expiry date. So we didn’t face any problems mentioned here that you should only go couple of days before your visa expires.
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