Chinese Visa for Khunjerab Pass to Qolma Pass

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Re: Chinese Visa for Khunjerab Pass to Qolma Pass

Post by Rovingcamel »

TheNonFlyingDutchman wrote:
Mon May 15, 2023 9:27 am
Fahd wrote:
Sun May 14, 2023 3:55 am
It was ok to apply for Chinese visa even if you don’t live in Kazakhstan?
Not sure yet, will visit tomorrow morning. I read all these problematic stories about the embassies in almaty, bishkek, tashkent and not yet dushanbe but it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s the same.
So if anyone has some wise words on how to obtain a chinese visa otherwise, that’d be highly appreciated.

Also if anyone has recommendations for visa-flight booking on a trustable website, please share!

Did you manage to get a Chinese visa at Almaty?????
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Re: Chinese Visa for Khunjerab Pass to Qolma Pass

Post by TheNonFlyingDutchman »

dmcco1 wrote:
Thu Jun 08, 2023 8:04 am
Hi folks,

Has anyone had success recently in getting a Chinese visa when outside their home country with the intent to travel from Pak->China->Tajikistan or Kyrgyzstan?

I’m currently on an Australia-Europe bike tour and looking at my options to get into Central Asia from India (I am currently in Kolkata).

My home country is Australia and I was going to try to apply for the Chinese tourist visa in Kathmandu as I’d heard some people have had success there but now I am not so sure.

It would be great to hear what other people’s latest experience/plans are at the moment.

For me I see two options that I am fairly confident outside of Pak to China to Tajik or Kyrgyzstan (but not happy about as I want to cycle overland where possible):
1. Fly from Delhi to Bishkek (Kyrgyz) and start cycling Central Asia from there eventually having to fly or hopefully take a boat from Aktau (Kaz) to Iran/Azerbaijan
2. Enter Pakistan and cycle to the southwest into Iran and west from there, skipping Central Asia (which I really don’t want to do and Pakistan apparently has a lot of escorts etc through the southwest & Balochistan)

Many thanks,

From what I know you’ll face some problems with option 1. From Aktau you can’t take the boat to Azerbaijan, since their land and sea borders are still closed INBOUND. Baku-Aktau IS possible since outbound is open. As far as I know there’s no ferry from Aktau to Iran atm, but you might want to confirm that info.

For option 2, I guess the main question is if you’re fine with the current risks in Iran. I recently read a post on this forum that two people from New Zealand were imprisoned for unclear reasons.

As for the visas, I think the problems with getting a chinese visa abroad is mainly there in Central-Asia (CIS countries). From Mongolia and Hong Kong it shouldn’t be a problem, other countries I don’t know about.
Your trip sounds mad, best of luck!
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Re: Chinese Visa for Khunjerab Pass to Qolma Pass

Post by dmcco1 »

Thanks for your reply.
Update since I posted this question:
I have spoken to a British national who got his Chinese visa in Kathmandu (about 5 day turnaround but they didn’t have a Turkish or Pakistani stamp in their passports which apparently can cause delay as it requires approval from Beijing).
He successfully crossed by bus from Pakistan to China via Khunjerab Pass a couple of days ago.
It also sounds like the border from China to Tajikistan at Kulma Pass is open in both directions (according to a Chinese guide Bing).
I don’t have any further info about the Kaz to Az or Kaz to Iran options at the moment.
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Re: Chinese Visa for Khunjerab Pass to Qolma Pass

Post by TheNonFlyingDutchman »

Lil update on my side. The last 2 days I crossed Tajikistan-China-Pakistan with an L visa I obtained back home in The Netherlands. In short: the highways were great but it still feels like a waste of time and money. Next time I’d go through Afghanistan instead of China.

Both borders are open now, but they were closed for Golden Week in China, and a lot of unclarity about opening times. I spent a night sleeping in a truck at the Kulma/Kalasu pass. The total border crossing costed 5h. There’s nonpublic transport to Tashkurgan and hitchhiking in China is very hard. The only ATM in Tashkurgan was broken, and can be in the future so make sure you have wechat pay or alipay (or both to be sure). Bus ticket to Pakistan has to be paid in cash though.

I used my 35day L visa for 1 day bc I was so done with that part of China. In my research I found no other option than obtaining an L visa for this crossing. I did have multiple stamps from Turkey in my passport but in the embassy in NL they didn’t seem to care about that.(6y ago in Mongolia I met a guy in the embassy who was denied because of it).
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Re: Chinese Visa for Khunjerab Pass to Qolma Pass

Post by Travelgian »

Any update on this? I have used the trick of pretending I was flying in and out China and entered via land twice and everything was alright. But don't you think that in the current situation with Xinjang it's better to mention in the visa application that one would like to exit the country from there? Or, even worse, does one need a special permit to enter Xinjang? I mean, I had met a guy in Urumqi in 2016 through couchsurfing and he has just disappeared.
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Re: Chinese Visa for Khunjerab Pass to Qolma Pass

Post by Ionakelly »

connormacleod wrote:
Fri Jan 13, 2023 7:32 am
Hi there,

I'm a kiwi cyclist that will be flying into Pakistan in May, where ill be biking through the KKH into China, then spending as minimal time there before I enter Tajikistan via Qolma pass. I've looked everywhere, and cant figure out what Visa people get on for China for such short duration?

Also if anyone has recently cycle toured through the stans or all the way into Europe, please reach out, I need help :roll:
Hey Connor, my partner and I are looking to do this in reverse next year. We are also kiwis, so wondering if you succeeded with a visa and if you have any tips. Thanks!
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Kate and Rob
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April 24: Chinese Visa for Khunjerab Pass to Qolma Pass

Post by Kate and Rob »

Hi Travellers

We are currently in India making our way up to Pakistan, for a Karakorum pass crossing April 2024 through China and into Kyrgzstan, in our own vehicle 4 x 4 roof top camping.

Looking for other travelers heading in same direction to share vehicle China transit, rather than Pakistan / Iran crossing.

Crossing summary:
Entering port: Kunjerab from Pakistan once pass opens post 1 April 2024
Exit port: Erkeshtam(Irkeshtam) or Torugart to Kyrgyzstan
Route: Pakistan – Kunjerab – Karakoram Highway – Karakul lake (View of
Muztagata) – Kashgar – Irkeshtam or Torugart – Kyrgyzstan
Duration: 4 days


Kate and Rob Weight
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