Iran visa for Moroccans and Canadian dual citizens

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Iran visa for Moroccans and Canadian dual citizens

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Hi everyone,

I am Moroccan. I also hold a Canadian passport. To make things more complicated, I am a UK resident. My UK residency is linked to my Canadian passport.
As far as I am aware and as per Caravanistan website, Moroccan citizens are technically eligible to obtain visa on arrival to Iran. However, over the last couple of years, there have been some diplomatic turbulences between Morocco and Iran leading to full closure of embassies. My questions are:

1) Is anyone aware of any change (or not) in visa policy for Moroccan citizens? Any Moroccan been there recently?

2) Would the facts that I am Canadian as well and that I live in (and I am flying from) the UK make things trickier or different altogether (ie. requiring visa prior to arrival)?

3) Do travelers get asked on arrival whether they hold any other citizenship? It would be hard anyway to conceal the fact I am Canadian given that my place of birth (Canada) is clearly stated on my Moroccan passport and I would be carrying my Canadian passport with me for my flight back to the UK. It could easily be found in case I get searched.

I would be grateful if you could share your thoughts. My holiday is due in less than 3 weeks. Should you think that the chances of me being refused entry are high, I would skip Iran this time around. However, do you think that next time, I will need a visa prior to arrival and a guide shadowing me through Persia?

Thank you
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