Embassy report: Turkmen visa in Berlin

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Re: Embassy report: Turkmen visa in Berlin

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We applied for a transit visa in Berlin. There was 3 of us, two boys and one girl, all Polish.

On the phone we were told it was impossible to apply by post and we must leave our passports till the end of whole procedure.
When we arrive (2 of us. The 3rd one left us a power of attorney), the consul checked our documents and few of them were incorrect or missing. He let us correct everything and come back the same day. And as we came back at 11:59 (the consulate is open till 12) he let us in. In general the consul is extremely nice and helpful.
Also, for sure he knew that we had to manipulate the signatures of the absent guy but didnt give a F.

First he told us we must leave our passports and came back to pick it up, when its ready. But I kept on asking and step by step he agreed first to send the invitation by post and finally he also agreed for email. So this is probably how it works.

Consul took our papers and asked to call him next day, to make sure he passed everything to the immigrations department. I did so and he told me everything was fine and asked to call in one week. As I didn't cal him in exactly 7 days, he called me (!!!), to say everything is done, our visas (the code of invitation) are ready and he's going to sent it for my email.

The invitations we recieved for a specific entry and exit point but perhaps without entry date (it was just written "valid till 17.02.2020". We applied for 17.11.19 entry). It was for 5 days. On the border it worked fine, they took the paper and gave us visas with entry and exit point.

We were carrying:

The form from the consulate (or TKM foreign affairs) website
The questionaire (we had to paste our photos in color with photoshop and print it. Don't bring a paper photo)
A humble application (with details like: route, dates, personal data and of course purpose of visit)
Insurance paper
Documents of our car (photocopies)
Picture of the car.
Payment confirmation

The visas were ready in 7 days. Also the consul was like "yeah, sure your application can be declined but don't worry. Hope u will enjoy TKM)
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