Tajikistan eVisa delays

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Pliny Harris
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Re: Tajikistan eVisa not arriving - stuck in Uzbekistan

Post by Pliny Harris »

Applied 29th June for entry on 3rd July (today). Since they have taken my money and “assessed” my application on the tracker, but other than the automated “thanks for your money” email, no update.

I have emailed to cancel my hostel booking as it is now impossible for me to enter the country in time, logistically, even if the visa comes through before the end of the day.

Because the e-visa is granted on condition of an address for your first night, and this bond is now broken, is my entire application redundant?

I also spoke to a person who will remain anonymous, who said they would apply soon, enter next week and if their visa hasn’t turned up, bribe them at the border for $10. So that’s one take on the affair...

Flying back from Tashkent on the 15th and have a feeling it might all be spent in vain. Appreciated that I didn’t give it as many days as I could have to apply.

Finally, do you have to print the e-visa or is flashing it on your phone sufficient?
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Re: Tajikistan eVisa not arriving - stuck in Uzbekistan

Post by murg »

When we entered we had printed the Visa, but a french Couple entering with us only showed the Visa on their phobes.

No one will care regarding your booking/adress at all.

Maybe you can bribe your way in... Heared of that, too.
I just wonder what will Happen at the Checkpoints because You they definetly want to see your Visa
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China expert
China expert
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Re: Tajikistan eVisa not arriving - stuck in Uzbekistan

Post by bwv812 »

I think those people are very optimistic if they think a $10 bribe will get you into the country without a visa.
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Tajikistan expert
Tajikistan expert
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Re: Tajikistan eVisa not arriving - stuck in Uzbekistan

Post by Christian77 »

Bribe your way in to Tajikistan for $10? They won't take that, because it will come back to them when YOU ARE ARRESTED WHEN YOU TRY TO LEAVE. Recent case: a guy was arrested, detained for several days, deported on a flight he had to pay $400 for, and he paid a $220 fine. You would get the same treatment, but they were lenient on him. The maximum fine is $440.

$10? It's not 1998.
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Re: Tajikistan eVisa not arriving - stuck in Uzbekistan

Post by JohnT »

Successful application !

Just wanted to share :-

(1) applied via e-visa thru the official govt website on 27th June (Thurs) about 3 pm Tajikistan time.
(2) received approval yesterday via email on 3rd July (Wed). This is four working days (exclusing weekends)
(3) 45 days with GBAO permit
(4) only submitted the name of the hotel (in Dushanbe) and its address as contact details. Did not provide any travel agents details nor itinerary.

Good luck to all!

John T
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Re: Tajikistan eVisa not arriving - stuck in Uzbekistan

Post by cristiano »

applied on sunday; arrived today; 4 working days
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Re: Tajikistan eVisa not arriving - stuck in Uzbekistan

Post by nielba »

applied Sunday 30.6, actually paid Monday 01.07 at 10am and received yesterday 04.07.. not even four days..
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Re: Tajikistan eVisa delays

Post by andywn »

We made the terrible mistake of applying through 'tajikistanvisa.com'. They did apply for the visa in our name, but then when it had been approved, forgot to send it to us. Which meant we could neither put in a new application, nor get hold of the approved visa.

If you're found yourself in that situation, they use the email [email protected] to register for all visas. Head to the page https://www.evisa.tj/index.evisa.html#/myapplication on the official site, use the above email address and your details, and you can see how the application is going.

We found the team on the [email protected] email address very helpful, as well as the team on the Facebook Tajikistan e-visa page.
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Re: Tajikistan eVisa delays

Post by ADAMSKI »

Hi there,

We also applied for our evisa on the 21th and 22th of August 2019 and although they say '2 working days' on the official website, we have still not received the visas by today. We wanted to cross the border today as mentioned on our application.

Emailing or calling the mentioned numbers has not been successfull, nobe of the telephone numbers works or does anyone pic up.

At the moment we are stuck in Samarkand waiting...
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