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Tajikistan eVisa delays

Posted: Sat Jun 15, 2019 4:08 am
by Baschdl
First: Sorry if I posted in the wrong thread, please don't delete the post. I have read all the faq on caravanistan.


I'm from Germany and applied for an eVisa on on 30.05.2019. All the information was put in correctly (quadruple-ckecked), attached a picture of my passport and I paid the 50 USD fee immediately. I received an email regarding both payment confirmation and application confirmation the same day.

It is now two and a half weeks later and my status in "manage your applications" has not changed from "approval in progress" for over two weeks, and I have not received any emails since (checked spam folder).

I am in Samarkand right now and wanted to cross the border to Pandjikent yesterday, from there the plan was to go to Dushanbe - Chudschand - Osch - Bischkek (from where I will be flying back home in 10 days).

Now I am stuck in Samarkand not knowing what to do. It is Saturday, so nothing is happening for the next two days. I would need my eVisa on Monday the latest to be able to continue my journey as planned. I wrote an email to several email Adresse listed here as well to the Tajik Embassy in Tashkent and in Germany on Thursday, but no answer so far. Both emails [email protected] and [email protected] do net receive emails by the way, I don't know if they have technical issues or whatever.

Any Ideas on what to do? I read your faqs etc (fantastic info btw, helped me a lot during travel preparation, so thanks a lot).

Is there a chance I will still receive my eVisa after this long waiting period? Have they maybe simply forgotten about it?

As I see it I have limited options:
1. Wait here for two more days in Samarkand, hoping and praying that something will magically happen on Monday. I'm not sure how realistic that is given how frustrated I am currently. Cost: losing two days and a lot of nerves.
2. Going back to Tashkent (where I have already been) and hoping that somebody at the Tajik embassy in Tashkent will be able to help me on Monday morning. Is that even realistic?
3. Scrapping the idea of visiting Tajikistan altogether (which would suck, I was really looking forward to it as it is probably a once in a lifetime opportunity + I already paid the 50 Usd and I am not expecting any refunds..). Then my only real option would be to go Tashkent - Kokand/Andijon - Osch and from there continue to Bishkek as planned)

Sorry for the long text, any advice is really much appreciated. Thanks!

Re: Tajikistan eVisa not arriving - stuck in Uzbekistan

Posted: Sat Jun 15, 2019 4:51 am
by Christian77
About two months ago the visa process slowed down without explanation, from 2 working days to 4+ working days. And then about a week ago (or earlier for others) the visa process slowed down even more, or completely stopped.

Why? I've been asking around, and nobody has an exact answer. The best guess is that there is a huge (by Tajik standards) international diplomatic conference going on in Dushanbe. The Tajik government is a paranoid dictatorship, and slowing down tourist arrivals before and during a big event is not something unexpected from them. In previous years they closed the border when the president was travelling to a certain region so that security forces don't have to deal with foreigners.

The big conference ends after this weekend, so we see if the visa process speeds up after it's over, or if this is a new and permanent visa problem.

The visa process is not the only problem. The Tajik government was demanding that hotels empty their rooms for diplomatic entourages, leaving tourists with cancelled reservations and nowhere to stay.

Welcome to Tajikistan.

Re: Tajikistan eVisa not arriving - stuck in Uzbekistan

Posted: Sat Jun 15, 2019 5:36 am
by blakep76
That sucks. Just throwing out another option in case you really have your heart set on TJ, but will cost extra $. Book a flight from Tashkent to Dushanbe on Monday - Uzbek Airlines night flight for 80 bucks - and then get a visa on arrival at Dushanbe airport (assuming your e-visa hasn't come through between now and then....if it does, no need for the new visa/expense). You could stay in Samarkand until Monday afternoon and just head straight to TAS airport. *If* the evisa comes tomorrow cancel the'll lose a bit with the refund fee, but just cross the land border as formerly planned. Not sure if that makes sense. Yeah you'll lose some $...30 or bucks at best, $130 at worst, but I dunno, that may still be worth it to you.

Re: Tajikistan eVisa not arriving - stuck in Uzbekistan

Posted: Sat Jun 15, 2019 5:50 am
by murg

Send a Email to this Person in MFA Dushanbe

[email protected]

He helped me quickly when I had Visa troubles.
You also can contact bthe Tajik Embassy in Berlin, they forward requests to Dushanbe.

Good luck

Re: Tajikistan eVisa not arriving - stuck in Uzbekistan

Posted: Mon Jun 17, 2019 6:27 am
by Baschdl
Thanks for all the feedback. Short update:

I still have not received the eVisa. Traveled back to Tashkent and just came back from the Tajik Embassy (skipping a line of at least 30 people trying to apply for a regular visa), but the only information I got was that they can't help me with visa issues. Requests to forward my issue to Dushanbe were denied.

So almost three weeks have passed now. I will wait until about 4pm, if I somehow magically receive the eVisa I will try to get onto the bus to Khujand (hope that still runs every day at around 6pm from Olmajar), if not I will buy a train ticket to ferghana or Andijon (any recommendations? Ferghana is probably more beautiful? ), skipping tajikistan altogether.

I bet I'll receive the eVisa either tomorrow or on Wednesday right after the point of no return. But some part of me doesn't even really care anymore, I just want to continue traveling with only one week left here in Central Asia.

Re: Tajikistan eVisa not arriving - stuck in Uzbekistan

Posted: Tue Jun 18, 2019 11:30 am
by Baschdl
My E-Visa finally arrived yesterday late evening after 20 days of waiting, so the issue has been resolved. Lost several days waiting at the border and a lot of nerves, but I am in Tajikistan now, albeit having to rush though all of it.

Thread can be closed, thanks for all the help I received.

Re: Tajikistan eVisa not arriving - stuck in Uzbekistan

Posted: Wed Jun 19, 2019 2:37 pm
by royhorner8
I’ll vouch for using the kmuhamadulloev email address. We had applied on 16th June early morning, waiting 3 days, and then within a couple of hours of emailing that delightful official. We have the visas.

Don’t know if it’s the Ramadan backlog, or the above conference ending, but email the chap above if you have difficulties.

Re: Tajikistan eVisa not arriving - stuck in Uzbekistan

Posted: Sat Jun 29, 2019 6:51 am
by Rene
Hi, we have currently the same problem, stuck in Samarkand, waiting for the e-visa to come. Applied for 3 visas on 24.06. payment everything went well, received 3 mails for each visa, visa registration, visa paid, payment notification.

Since then we wait.

We got our visas today, 02.07. We send 5 mails to different mail adresses but we don't know if we got it now because of these emails or not.

Re: Tajikistan eVisa not arriving - stuck in Uzbekistan

Posted: Sat Jun 29, 2019 7:37 am
by blakep76
I also applied on the 20th through ivisa and haven't heard anything back yet. I received this email from them a couple of days ago....

Dear BlakeP,
Something has come up!
Thank you for applying for your Tajikistan eVisa GBAO with iVisa, we appreciate you placing your trust in us for your visa needs.
Your visa has been completed by our team and sent in for processing but it appears that the government channels have been experiencing heavy traffic and are taking longer than normal to process applications. Our dedicated team will be doing their best to facilitate the approval of your visa as soon as possible.
We will keep you posted regarding the approval status of your application.'

I still have 6 weeks before I travel, so not stressing too much just yet, but will perhaps start chasing it down in the next week. Seems like it's starting to make more sense these days to apply for the TJ evisa a month out rather than relying on their 3-4 day turnaround times.

Re: Tajikistan eVisa not arriving - stuck in Uzbekistan

Posted: Sat Jun 29, 2019 10:52 pm
by blakep76
Mine came through about an hour after I posted this ^