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Embassy Report: Mongolian visa in Moscow

Posted: Tue Jun 18, 2019 3:33 am
by Biscotte Adventures
June 2019, French Passport

Seemed very confrontational and overtly complex. Appears were treated as per the consulate website as "Mongolian tourist visa for British nationals and permanent residents in Russia", and a bit more.

Requirements include:
-Passport size photographs (1)
-Valid national passport and one copy

Since we were driving:
-original and copy Driving licence
-original and copy INTERNATIONAL Driving licence
-original and copy of vehicle registration
-Google map showing the route to be followed

And then, as per "General Mongolians Tourist Visa Requirements for Russian Nationals & Residents of Russia:
-latest bank statement (from bank a LETTER with official SIGNATURE & STAMP, this is ADDITIONAL requirement not listed in the website) and one copy
-Confirmation letter from your travel insurance for Mongolia showing the coverage and one copy
-Proof of group travel if you are travelling in a group
-Proof of accommodation booking reservation in Mongolia
-Mongolian visa fees 70USD cash(...for Russian nationals and residents in Russia)

And ONLY after these are validated, you receive the application form.

Apparently the application form found online is no longer valid.

Express service no longer possible.

Historically was next day delivery, now the guy was quite vague suggesting 2-3 days and possibly more.

Re: Embassy Report: Mongolian visa in Moscow

Posted: Wed Jun 19, 2019 8:17 am
by Biscotte Adventures
Returned next day with the papers requested. Cost us considerable skype and bank fees for the bank proof of resources.

They were very grumpy angry unhappy people and our reception was full of aggression.

The reception desk reviewed the file and was disatisfied:
-the map should note day by day itinerary including overnight stop and hotel and duration of stay each location. He then commenced to test our geographical knowledge and historical tourism of Mongolia, and challenged why we want to visit.
-verified all the original papers

Was rudely dismissed to move upstairs to the visa issuing office, where the woman checked the file;
-map not even looked at.
-ACCEPTED the downloaded application FORM as the correct one
-took the money ...we gave her 100USD she returned a receipt with promise to return the change.

Ordered to return in 2days at 14hrs.

Re: Embassy Report: Mongolian visa in Moscow

Posted: Wed Jun 19, 2019 8:50 am
by Biscotte Adventures
We became worried about not taking the BANK LETTER, thinking that maybe, in the rush, they forgot to ask.

And this missing document might just sewer our visa request.

We took the letter back inside to verify the dossier.

They did NOT WANT the letter.

Re: Embassy Report: Mongolian visa in Moscow

Posted: Wed Aug 28, 2019 1:06 pm
by the_redhead_rider
British national riding solo on a motorcycle. I just applied for my Mongolian visa at the Moscow embassy and have to say it was an absolute pleasure. I was in and out within 30 minutes of arriving and paid 70 dollars to pick it up after 14:00 the next working day.

The documents requested were:

- Passport and copy of passport
- Application form (provided at the embassy)
- 1 x passport sized photo
- Proof of accomodation in Mongolia (I haven't decided where to stay yet so I booked one night cheap accommodation on air bnb, then emailed the receipt over to the [email protected] and they were happy to accept and print this for me with no charge)

And for my motorcycle

- Copy of registration document
- Copy of UK driving licence

They did not request a bank statement, international driving permit or my route through Mongolia.

I will update tomorrow when I pick up the visa to confirm that it was all processed with no problems.