Embassy report: Iranian visa in Trabzon

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Re: Embassy report: Iranian visa in Trabzon

Post by steven »

Please read and post reports on the consulate of Iran in Trabzon below.

We summarize all info in the embassy reports on the Iran visa page.

You can get a letter of invitation/visa authorisation code here.
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Iranian visa Trabzon - sad update

Post by man_without_eye »

http://www.edvardas.info/iran-visa-trab ... ch-people/
http://www.edvardas.info/iran-embassy-i ... sy-anymore
http://www.earthlooping.com/blog/headin ... KhoyyvF-So

As per information above it's not possible to obtain visa same day visa in Trabzon anymore. Another non English source says, that authorization code was this time required and whole process took together 2 weeks.

Get your visa in home country embassy. If you want to visit Turkey before, so simply book flight from Istanbul to Tehran in advance with prices from 110 USD.

Typical Iran with no rules...
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Embassy report: Iranian visa in Trabzon

Post by On-our-bicycles »

2 french
has the mfa code in advance :2 days to get in touch via caravanistan to an agency, fill an online form, wait 2 day to receive bank details from the agency, from there 10 working days to issue the mfa code.
In Trabzon ask for visa on monday morning, pick up in friday afternoon. No problem.
In monday morning you give your mfa code, they give you paper to fill, bank details to make a deposit of 50 euros, and a list of documents.
documents needed : copy of passport, copy of turkish stamp, travel insurance, 3 pictures.
You can give all of these in Monday afternoon.
pick up time is 4/5 working days. We met someone who asked visa on Thursday and pick up a tuesday.
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Re: Embassy report: Iranian visa in Trabzon

Post by dosh »

Hi, I just wanted to share my experience of obtaining an Iranian visa in Trabzon in October 2015. I am travelling on a Swedish passport.

I went to the consulate on Wednesday morning. I was with two other guys, one French, one Spanish. The Spanish guy didn't have a pre-authorisation code and they wouldn't even admit him inside the consulate after speaking to him via the intercom.

There is one lady at the consulate who speaks some English, but she gives the impression of speaking it better than she actually does which resulted in some costly miscommunication. She gave me a form to fill out and a list of documents to return with it as well as an instruction to pay €50 into a particular bank. Note that you need to pay the amount in physical cash although there ae some cash machines in Trabzon that dispense Euro notes.

She told me to come back on Tuesday with the completed form, documents and payment receipt and told me I would get the visa that day. I was a little surprised, expecting that I would need to provide the prerequisites and then wait some days before receiving the actual visa. I questioned her about this but she assured me I would get it on Tuesday.

I came back on Tuesday (afternoon) as instructed and they wouldn't even admit me inside the consulate, telling me over the intercom to come back the following morning to hand in my documents and I would get the visa on Friday. I could have given her all my completed paperwork there and then; the lady was sitting 5 metres away from me behind a closed door, but no, she insisted on making me come back the next day. The next morning I did give her my documents and she told me I would get the visa on Monday. According to her I should have come back in the afternoon of the first day I went in to return the payment receipt and documents. She said that she told me this at the time but I am 100% certain she did not.

So the bottom line is it took 12 days from the time I first visited the consulate with my MFA code in hand. Don't even bother if you don't have an MFA code. Go in the morning and make sure you bring back your payment receipt, completed form and supporting documents that same afternoon. Then all being well, you could expect the receive the visa in 4-5 working days.
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camille bicyclette
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Trapzon embassy report jan. 2015

Post by camille bicyclette »

I just get my Iranian visa in trapzon on Iranian consulate January, 8th.
First I applied for my registration number via the agency key2persia (you can find the link one caravanistan website). I applied for a one month visa. I gave them my itinerary and name of hotels. I made a mistake and told them I was travelling by bicycle, so they answered me I could not get the registration number without a guide, or I should go without my bike. Finally, I told them I will go by bus. They made all the process in the day and I get my registration number 8 days after. I went to pick up my visa in trapzon. They require to fill the form (one for the consulate (you need Iranian adress and phone number) and one for Iranian Interpol with your fingers print), a photocopy of your passport, photocopy of the page with the stamp of your entrance in turkey, a photocopy of your travel insurance, two pictures with the scarf, your passport. They gave you a paper and you have to go to the bank, give some cash (75 euros to get the visa on one day, 50 euros to get it in 4 days) and they give you a receipt. All this take me the morning and I get it at 4.30 p.m.
Thank you to caravanistan and people who provide useful informations.
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Re: Embassy report: Iranian visa in Trabzon

Post by Stefvdp »

4 Belgian passport: 22 december 2016

- asked mfa code via carav istan link in şile 15 days before trabzon
- answer from agency on 2nd working day. Sent al documents the next day
- mfa code received 10 days later

In trabzon:
- went to embassy on Monday 9h00
- they asked to write our codes
- gave us documents and bank details as listed on site to return later the same day 50 euros
- visa's received 3 days later on Thursday 13h30
- NO same day issue of visa available.

1 visa had problem: I gave my travel pasport number but I made a copy of my.passport at home. This was a problem and I had to ask to send my mfa code to Brussels and let a family member arrange the visa there. The caravanistan linked agency helped me very quick and efficient via whatsapp with this. Very helpful person at the agency. Thx caravanistan for all the info!
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Re: Embassy report: Iranian visa in Trabzon

Post by renow »

Two germans. Got our Reference Number after 9 working days. Thank you Caravanistan!

We went on monday to the embassy, got a form to fill and had to pay 50€ for each person at the blue bank "Trabzon Bankesi" (there are too many banks on the main street!)
Went back to the embassy one hour later. Filled our forms, gave all the stuff to the lady (copy of health insurance, two photos, form, copy of passport and entry stamp). No same day visa available.
Three days later on thursday we went back to embassy in the afternoon, got our Passport back with the Visa and one of the two photos, too.
Best wishes for our journey and that's it. Quite easy.

The failure we did, was to apply for the RN short before Nouruz. So we had to wait more than 3 weeks for it, because of the holidays.

Luckily we had to wait short before the referendum, so we could listen to the music-vans during the day :)
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Re: Embassy report: Iranian visa in Trabzon

Post by Nemo73 »

Hi renow,
Were you asked for the copy of your health insurance when applying the visa or you gave it spontaneously to convince better ? Generally speaking I wonder if health insurance documents are frequently asked by ambassies along the Silk Road ?
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Re: Embassy report: Iranian visa in Trabzon

Post by bwv812 »

Nemo73 wrote:Generally speaking I wonder if health insurance documents are frequently asked by ambassies along the Silk Road ?
Pretty much always required by Iran, while nobody else cares.
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Re: Embassy report: Iranian visa in Trabzon

Post by claddaghman »

Just wondering if anyone else out there has recently been denied their Authorization Codes for Iran Visa due to the upcoming elections?
We are a group of 5 Canadians who was booking a tour, as required by the Visa Regulations re Canadians, to enter Iran at the end of June. Tour was being booked through Iran Traveling Center and everything was proceeding well, with great communications and service from our contact there, with plans of getting our Visas at Trabzon once the Authorization Codes were issued. That is up until this week when we were informed that our application had been denied, due to the upcoming elections. It was a shock to all of us and Iran Traveling Center as we had been jumping through all the necessary hoops. We have been since told that we could re apply after June 6, 2017 but this would give us very little time to get the code, pick up the visas and then get to the Armenia/Iran border for entry. Haven't given up on Iran but putting Plan B boat from Azerbaijan to Turkmenistan in place. Funny thing is we got our Turkmenistan Visas approved and they are flexible re port of entry.
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