Embassy report: Iranian visa in Trabzon

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Re: Embassy report: Iranian visa in Trabzon

Post by Elki »

We (2 Swiss) checked before by phone if our RNs have arrived; we were asked to call back in 10min … so we did and got confirmation RNs have arrived. We asked what to bring along beside our passports, answer: nothing
Went to consulate on Friday morning, consul remembered us calling before, asked if we wanted express (€75 instead of €50 and waiting for 3 days); we opted for express, no papers to be filled out, no photos, no prove of health insurance ... just nothing else but our passports; payment on the spot in cash (i.e. no detour to a bank)
we had our passport back in 30 min … and allowed to stay for 60 days! And best wishes for our stay in Iran.
Absolutely great and very friendly service!
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Re: Embassy report: Iranian visa in Trabzon

Post by kas1234 »

Hi, just have been there today. I went there with a reference number (that is still necessary). I got the visa within one hour. No problem at all.
1. Ring at the door and say that your are a friend.
2. I had to drop my big travel bag at the entrance (security reasons)
3. I had to transfer the money from a bank near by. The bank knows about the visa bank account. So it was very easy. You should bring the 75€ in cash. Because all the ATM's have a commission.
4. Go back to the embassy and get your visa.

I am looking forward to travel to Iran. :) Thanks for all the informations I found on your side!
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Re: Embassy report: Iranian visa in Trabzon

Post by Blubby »

2 German passports
Same goes for us, just bring the RN and the Cash. Check in advance if the Number is in there System.
No headscarf nessasary, not for the foto / not in the consulate.
We paid the 75€ (150€ for both) just on the spot, no need to go to a bank.
20 Minutes and we were good to go, had a nice little chat with the Consul.
Only got 30 days.
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Re: Embassy report: Iranian visa in Trabzon

Post by komiin »

EU passport holder.
Applied for authorization code through the official website (http://e_visa.mfa.ir/en/) on January 7 (2019). I didn't receive any answer by January 21 (my application status was "waiting for verification" or something like that) but decided to go to Trabzon consulate with printed "submission notice" anyway.
When I got there I was told that's exactly what they need from me. Had to pay €75 at the bank and got my 30 days visa in 15 minutes.
No passport photocopy, no photo, no form, no insurance (although the guy asked me about it) needed. Super easy and straight forward in friendly manner. (I've received an approving email right after my visit of the consulate).
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Trabzon Iran embassy

Post by sylvb74 »


We are a french family, we complete visa forms with a french Agency, we get autorization number in 3 weeks. We took our visa at Trabzon (Turkey). embassy people are great and smiling. We get directly a 60 days visa by person.
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