Turkmen Transit Visa from Azerbaijan to Kazakhstan

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Turkmen Transit Visa from Azerbaijan to Kazakhstan

Post by likespinninplates »

In October I will be traveling from Azerbaijan to Uzbekistan via Turkmenistan but am having some issues with regard to making an Uzbek embassy before arriving in Georgia. Thus I was wondering, would a transit visa going on to Kazakhstan be possible instead?

Although there is a ferry from Baku to Aktay, it is very unreliable (well, more unreliable than to Turkmenbashi) and so I would be hoping that this would be a logical enough reason to be issued a Turkmen visa. However, as it is a short distance to the Kazakh border, I suppose a mere three day visa could be issued :(

One of my main questions, however, is that if issued such a transit visa, would it be possible to visa Ashgabat, for instance. This would make no logical sense, so I'm wondering if I happened to be controlled by the authorities, would there be any problems...?

Final question: apparently one must enter the entry and exit points on the visa application form, but I did not see this on the current application form. Is this then info given in person at the embassy? The reason I ask is that I if was to pick up a Uzbek visa in Baku and hadn't given an exit point, then maybe I could continue east to Turkmenabat. Clearly I wouldn't attempt this if I've previously given another exit point.

Anyone have any experiences of a Turkmen transit visa from Azerbaijan to Kazakhstan? I didn't find anything on the forum here.
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Re: Turkmen Transit Visa from Azerbaijan to Kazakhstan

Post by steven »


in principle it is not possible to visit Ashgabat on this visa. There are checkpoints on the road. I don't know what they would say, but I think it is worth a try to go to Ashgabat anyway, as I don't see them jailing you, rather just turning you back saying you are not allowed. You will have to give the entry and exit points at the embassy.
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