Embassy Reports London to Azer, Turkmen and Uzbek

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Embassy Reports London to Azer, Turkmen and Uzbek

Postby Fluzz » Sat Jul 11, 2015 5:18 pm

Embassy Reports London to Uzbekistan via Azerbaijan on Aussie Passport

Uzbekistan Embassy, London
Next to Holland Park, easy to find.

April 2015
Obtained LOI via Caravanistan form (needed for Australians), took about 10 days. With LOI, embassy issued 30 day (fixed dates) visa within 5 days. Small office and sometimes a long wait. Payment in Barclays branch at your leisure. I think visa was £55 and with LOI my most expensive visa to date, so trying to forget. BTW, as mentioned elsewhere, the Uzbek "evisa" is for agents to use, it is not a special hidden option for tourists.


Turkmenistan Embassies
List of Turkmen Embassies: http://www.mfa.gov.tm/en/mfa-en/diploma ... tan-abroad

Turkmenistan Embassy, London
131 Holland Park Ave, London. Website was working in April but not in June 2015.

April 2015
Quiet and quite formal embassy but fairly relaxed. You will however need to have all your documents in order and form neatly stapled (there was a notice for this), I didn't have my Azeri visa (entry country for transit visa). You need application form, 2 photos, questionnaire, cover letter (describing travel plans), copy (colour?) of passport and visas of incoming and destination country. Not so bad really, don't need hotel bookings...

June 2015
After I finally got my Azeri visa (entry country), I got someone in London to submit my documents in person (you can mail but I wanted to be sure they got it), requesting invitation letter for maximum 5 day transit visa to be emailed to me. Was advised it would take 3 weeks, which was slightly past my visa start date and sure enough was emailed the invitation just under 3 weeks later (with Ministry letterhead and the all important ID number like AS-xxxxxx, invitation actually was dated 10 days after I applied which could have made a big difference for me). Eventually I collected the visa in Baku.

Turkmenistan Embassy, Tbilisi
June 2015
It exists but there is no consular i.e. visa service.

Turkmenistan Embassy, Baku
Baku, st. Mammedgulzade Jalil, 85/266 (Caravanistan has slightly different number but address is not very helpful anyway). GPS coords 40.395437, 49.826532. Easiest way go to intersection of Mammedgulzade and Academician Hasan Aliyev (Bus 61 goes from the blocks west and south of 28 May Square to this intersection), head south along Mammedgulzade, it is about 100m down the 1st or 2nd lane to your right (west). It is identified by a plaque and maybe the queue in the lane.

The bank to pay is straight down east almost 3km flat walk on the south side of Hasan Aliyev, just pass a major highway/underpass, easy to find. Even signposted at the underpass.

June 2015 (specifically Mondays of 15,22, someone else said it was closed). Opening hours were Monday and Friday, 9:30 to 12:30. Try to be the first or else the small queue outside in the alley can take over 1.5 hours (fast from what a Turkmen in queue who has been a few times told me). Visa $55 issued with LOI only, no visa applications. English spoken. They would not change the visa dates but there was a hint that if the dates weren't already entered they could enter them?!?


Kazakh Embassy, Baku

June 2015
Perhaps not needed after new visa rules in July but smooth and pleasant process, applied Tuesday, paid same day and picked up 30 day single entry (3 month validity, $30) visa on Friday. Australian passport, only needed to fill form and give photo, and Azeri visa, they photocopied what they needed so no need to leave passport. Opening hours was told 9-6pm M to F. Hard to tell when it is open, maybe by parked cars so just press the buzzer.


Azerbaijan Embassy, London

April 2015
Applications only from residents as with many of their other embassies. So for Australians heading east, it seemed the only options were evisa or Georgia. I also needed the Azeri visa to get the Turkmen visa, which was a bit limiting due to my fixed date Uzbek visa. So yes better allow a lot of time for visas.

Azerbaijan Embassy, Batumi

June 2015
I didn't go as I eventually got my evisa before I arrived, but a European guy got his easily here as previously described in the forums.

Azeri E-visa April 2015
Applied via Azerbaijan24 in mid April, received end of May (almost 7 weeks), don't know if it was related to the European Games in June. So frustrating wait but otherwise good service as they took care of everything, I just needed to fill forms and pay. Applied for and got 22 day visa valid within 30 day period (fixed dates), single entry. Best to carry a paper printout as it is often asked for (borders, hotels, embassies) and immigration can stamp it.
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Re: Embassy Reports London to Azer, Turkmen and Uzbek

Postby Fleur » Fri Apr 15, 2016 5:02 pm

Regarding Turkmen Embassy in Tbilisi (Transit visa)

Our transit visa request at the Turkmen embassy in Brussels (Belgium) took way longer than expect (almost 4 weeks). As by that time our overland trip already started, the embassy mailed us an invitation letter. We were informed that we could obtain our visas at any embassy or at the border by showing this letter.
We choose to obtain our transit visa at the embassy in Tbilisi (Georgia).
The people at the Turkmen Embassy in Tbilisi were friendly, helpful and they spoke English very well. Although it took many hours (payments, again completing forms, going back few times) the process was quite smooth. We obtained our visa the same day. It looked like we were the only ones visiting that day (Friday).
Not sure if you can submit new visa requests but it sure looks like it. Best to call the number stated on their webite: http://georgia.tmembassy.gov.tm/en/contacts
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Re: Embassy Reports London to Azer, Turkmen and Uzbek

Postby steven » Sat Apr 16, 2016 4:09 am

Thanks Fleur!
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