Embassy report: Iran Visa - Dushanbe

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Re: Embassy report: Iran Visa - Dushanbe

Post by steven »

Please read and post reports on the embassy of Iran in Dushanbe below.

We summarize all info in the embassy reports on the Iran visa page.

You can get a letter of invitation/visa authorisation code here.
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Dushanbe: Iran and Turkmenistan visa

Post by Porkkana »

Iran visa: I had my LOI, pay money to the bank, and fill the form in english and copy of your passport, 2 days wait, only got 2 months visa validity, not for three months? Has anybody else experienced this? Almost no english spoken and not friendly

Turkmenistan: I went today, was told to come back after one week, no need for colour photocopies, the quy was friendly and spoke english

I will put update next week when i get my turkmen visa, I am still surprised though about my iran visa validity.. I have an european passport.
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Embassy report: Iran Visa - Dushanbe

Post by AndrewRogerson »

Once the authorisation code was obtained, it wasn't too much of a drawn out process.

Opening times - Mon-Fri 08:30-12:30

Guy behind the counter was fairly friendly, seemed to speak both Russian and some basic English.

He give me a visa application form that is in English and Farsi, told me to go to the Iranian bank on Rudaki (right hand side, 1km north, the block just before the Merve cafe) The fee (270 Euro) is given in Euros, but the bank doesn't accept transfer, cash only. They will allow you to use USD at their conversion rate.

Return the payslip to the consulate, with two photos, a photocopy of your main passport page, and the filled in application form.

Return the next day and everything should be ready.
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Re: Embassy report: Iran Visa - Dushanbe

Post by SQRR »

I wanted to apply for the tourist visa last friday early morning. There was no one but me. Though the guy there only looked up if my ref. no. was in his folder, told me to pay the 75€ (for me as Swiss) fee at the bank and that I should return on Monday.
On Monday he collected my papers and the payment slip and told me that I can pick up amy visa the next day (Tuesday) at 5pm.

The embassy was not busy at all, so I can't really understand why it took them so long. Even trying to get it faster did not help.
So do not rely for an one or two day turn around.
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Re: Embassy report: Iran Visa - Dushanbe

Post by Velonomie »

Hello SQRR,

I'm surprised to read that you had to pay 75 Euros for the Iranian visa in Dushanbe? I browsed some of the embassy reports for Iranian visa, and it seems in any other embassy it costs only 50 Euros for Swiss people... We are two cyclists from Switzerland and we plan to apply for our Iranian visa in Dushanbe, but we are not really happy to pay 25 Euros more for the same visa :(
I first thought that maybe it was because you picked it up the same day, but apparently it's not the case...

Does anyone have some more informations for Swiss citizens?
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Re: Embassy report: Iran Visa - Dushanbe

Post by tihomir »

Pretty straightforward. Called in advance to check the code had arrived and to ask how much the visa cost. Iy varies considerably for different nationalities. Went to the Iranian bank and paid as instructed over the phone, then to embassy. Application form. Two photos 3x4 cm. The guy was friendly. Spoke Russian. Next day at 11 am visa was ready.
Iranian bank opens at 8 am.
75 euros for Bulgarian passport. Same for German passport.
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Re: Embassy report: Iran Visa - Dushanbe

Post by Karoutcho »

Hello !

Two french passports.
Iranian Code (LOI) obtained with Caravanistan (27€ only each !).

One of the guy speaks english, the other not. They are not really friendly, but can't say they are unfriendly. They just do the job.

When we arrived, the code was there, and we had to choose between urgent process (75€, same or next day) or normal process (50€, 5 open days).
Even tough we have not much time left on our tajik visa and still the turkmen visa to do, we opted for the cheap option to save 50€ (2 visas).

Hope it helps,
Karoutcho !
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Re: Embassy report: Iran Visa - Dushanbe

Post by belliope »

Hi. Was just at the Iranian embassy. It takes me two week for a visa. Was advised not to get it here.
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Re: Embassy report: Iran Visa - Dushanbe

Post by olmo »

@belliope I see you are Singaporean and would not actually need a visa. Did you have the reference code? Any further details?
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Re: Embassy report: Iran Visa - Dushanbe

Post by Dorothea »

Whatever the issue was for belliope, we and all other travelers (German, Polish, South Korean, Australian passports) we talked to, got our Visa same day.
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