Embassy report: Iran Visa - Dushanbe

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Re: Embassy report: Iran Visa - Dushanbe

Post by timagius91 »

Can anyone else report on recent use - if the VISA was supplied in the same day?
And if it will take a while, does anyone know if you can apply there and pick up elsewhere - probably Tashkent?
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Re: Embassy report: Iran Visa - Dushanbe

Post by olmo »

Got ours Visas in Dushanbe in July with code from key2persia (via caravanistan).

Two German passports.
Documents: the usual, passport copy, 2 pictures, plus invitation code letter printout was helpful.
Took 2+1 days, but we heard others had more luck, applied in the morning and picked up same afternoon.
Price 75 Euros each. Not sure if there is still a cheaper "slow" option, but it certainly was not offered and we did not request any express.

Friday: Filled out application form, guy speaks only Russian, asked us to come back Monday. Said only one invitation code had arrived, but we got a strong feeling they just didn't want to bother on a Friday. Could have been more insistent but we had time.

Monday: Arrived around 9am, were told the Consul was out and to come back later (but both invitations were there now, though we had also asked key2persia to have them sent again). Left our phone number. Got a call back around 11am. Handed everything in, at 11:35 we had our bank slips and 25 minutes to make it there and back, or come back tomorrow. Bank is about 2k away, price was 75 Euros - they do convert USD or TJS at almost the official rate, so no problem whatever currency you have. Managed to make it just in time - sweaty and breathless, we even got a first smile back o). Visas should be ready tomorrow, and we were promised a call when ready.

Tuesday: Got a call at about 5.30pm to pick up our visas. 30 days within 3 months as expected.
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Re: Embassy report: Iran Visa - Dushanbe

Post by coreyon2wheels »

One day processing.
90 EUR for Hong Kong passport.
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Iranian embassy in Dushanbe

Post by ChrisO »


I would like to know if the current address of the Iranian embassy in Dushanbe is still valid, and if yes, for how long.
I have seen that a new building for the embassy is being built close to the Afghan embassy, so I was wondering about the latest news of its location.

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Embassy report: Iran Visa - Dushanbe

Post by ChrisO »

The address of the Iranian embassy in Dushanbe has changed (I sent them an email to check):
"Our new address is next to the Afghan embassy in,
Mayakovsky Str.
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Re: Embassy report: Iran Visa - Dushanbe

Post by bert »

Belgian passport. Received a key from key2persia (through Caravanistan). I have heard quite a few stories of people getting stuck in the e-visa system from the Iranian government when applying at Dushanbe.Don't bother, just go through an agency. I went to the embassy in the morning. Then I had to fill in the application form in English and give 2 passport photos.

Afterwards you have to go the bank, pay and bring back the receipt. Make sure that you start sufficiently early since the embassy closes at 12.

I went on Tuesday and was told to come back Friday afternoon. My visa was ready. I paid 50 euros. I think if you ask for express service, you have to pay 25 euros more and you can get it same or next day.

Friendly guys and correct process. Some English spoken.
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Re: Embassy report: Iran Visa - Dushanbe

Post by Jealgu »

I received my visa yesterday. 75 euro for same day processing (could get it at 5pm). Not much to add to Bert's post.
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Re: Embassy report: Iran Visa - Dushanbe

Post by Elisev »

The street of the Embassy (38.582498, 68.749884) is on construction, you'll have to do a detour. Embassy ofGermany is in the same street, you can say it to your taxi driver if he doesn't know the Iran one.

As a woman I wore a scarf but not sure if I really needed it...

Applied by Key2persia to get my key code/Grant notice, very fast.

Went to the embassy Tuesday morning, the receptionist wrote my name and I came into the big and empty visa office. An English-speaking guy asked for my passport and my printed key code, then he gave me a paper to present in the Bank of Iran to pay (38.587773, 68.787116). As a French citizen I payed 50€, you can pay in dollars, euros or somonis. The bank is closing at 12:00. The Embassy was supposed to closed at 12:30 but it was already closed at 12:20 so be there as soon as possible (supposed to open at 8:30).
I came back there the next morning (the visa guy told me his office is working only in the morning) and he asked just my key code and the bank receipt. He told me to come at 4pm the same day to collect my visa.
At 4pm the receptionist gave me my printed evisa.
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Re: Embassy report: Iran Visa - Dushanbe

Post by Hanpluz »

I got my loi through the agency advices by caravanistan and went to the embassy with everything they said I needed (2 pictures, insurance, grand notice). At the embassy everybody was very friendly, they even have tea and water there in the waiting room. The consul took my passport into another room and stayed there for quite a long time. After he came back he asked me if I wanted my visa on the same day (270€ if I understood him the right way) or the next day (50€). Then he gave me a small piece of paper which I was told to show at the Iranian bank. He didn’t want to have any other documents, not even the loi, he just wanted to see the passport.

Since the bank is about 4 kilometers away, the street was under construction and there is no information about where the marschrutkas (busses) are headed anywhere, I decided to take a taxi. There were waiting some taxis a few meters in front of the embassy. I paid the taxi 40 somoni to go to the bank and back to the embassy, but you can probably find one for 30. the taxi driver waited outside the bank where I gave the banker the little piece of paper and paid 56 Dollars (they only wanted somoni, so the exchanges my dollars to somoni first).

With my receipt I drove back to the embassy, paid the taxi driver and gave the receipt the the consul. He told me to come back the next day at 5 to pick up my visa. I already got an electronic visa on the same day by email and will go to the embassy again tomorrow to pick up my visa.
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