Embassy reports: pls check if topic already exists!

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Before asking a visa question, make sure you have read the relevant visa article about the country. Overview page: http://caravanistan.com/visa/

Before submitting an embassy report or question, have a look first to see if a topic already exists. Relevant topics are linked to from the visa pages on the site.

Thank you!
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Embassy reports: pls check if topic already exists!

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and thanks for considering putting up an embassy report! We could not stay up to date without!

Have a look first though if there is already a topic about the embassy you want to write about. It is much more useful for others if all the info is gathered into one topic, which I can easily link to from the website, and this way I don't have to manually merge topics all the time.

You can do a search on the forum here, or have a look at the embassy reports section of the visa pages: I link out to the reports there.

With the increased activity on the forum, it has become a necessary new step to keep things organised and easy to find.

Thank you once again,
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