Embassy report: Chinese visa in Istanbul

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Re: Success obtaining Chinese visa in Istanbul

Post by steven »

Please read and post reports on the embassy of China in Istanbul below.

We summarize all info on the China visa page, under embassy reports.
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Embassy report: Chinese visa in Istanbul

Post by NomadicYank »

I am a US citizen traveling through Turkey (non-resident), and was able to get a double entry tourist visa through Ligarba Travel for US$190. I was told that the new 10-year multi-entry visas available to US citizens are not available in Istanbul. My visa was ready in a week.

Ligarba needed passport, passport photos and a bank statement showing over US$5000 balance. They did not require any letter from my embassy or employer, and generated all the flight and hotel confirmations to apply for the visa.

I emailed several other Istanbul travel agencies that the Chinese consulate lists on their website, but none would take a non-resident foreigner. I think Ligarba must have a special relationship with the Chinese consulate, as they specialize in China travel.

They are quick to respond to emails at [email protected] in English.
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Re: Embassy report: Chinese visa in Istanbul

Post by rowanv »

Embassy report for Chinese consulate in Istanbul for tourist visa application using Australian passport in July 2018.

Staff at the visa processing centre told me that in Turkey (including Ankara as well) they only issue tourist visas to long-term residents.
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