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Embassy Report: Turkmenistan in Moscow

Posted: Fri Nov 08, 2019 8:13 am
by SafetyNoodle
The Moscow embassy accepts applications from nationals of third countries for tourist and transit visas. Appointments must be made on the website (in Russian) and when I looked there was typically only one date available at any time which would be about two weeks from the current date. New dates open every day at 22:00 Moscow time. Everything was professional as I applied for a transit visa from Azerbaijan to Uzbekistan on an Israeli passport. US$10 was collected in cash and I was told that I would have to pay more when picking up my visa. There was a little confusion over whether or not I could pick up my transit visa at another embassy since it is without a letter of invitation, but after informing them that I had checked previously with the embassy and been given the okay they said it would be fine and to pick up my visa in two weeks in Baku. I went to the embassy in Baku and was given a paper which can be exchanged on the border for a visa with a US$35 cash payment. The transit visa is valid for five days beginning upon entry.