Tajik e-visa: 44 days instead of 45?

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Tajik e-visa: 44 days instead of 45?

Post by steven »

Got the following report via e-mail:

44-day visa - I entered on September 15 and exited on October 29. September has 30 days, so you can count normally with taking into consideration a 31st day.

They consider September 15th to October 29th to be 45 days. So, they would consider the 10th to the 20th to be 11 days, for example. I took this into consideration that they may do this, but the border guard said I should have been out of the country the day before, not on the 29th. They want you gone on the day they count as the 44th day.

Basically, they wanted me out on October 28th. Most people would consider this to be 43 days. But apparently, for unknown reasons, their system counts September 15 to October 28th as my time time for a 45 day visa. The border guard really did seem to have problems with overruling his computer. He didn't ask for any $$, he genuinely seemed to be "letting me off the hook" and warning me that next time I should leave the country earlier.

Let us know if you have a similar issue, we'll keep track of things on the main Tajikistan visa page.
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