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Transit visa Turkmenistan

Postby Kay » Wed Nov 13, 2019 5:42 pm

Hey there,

We applied in Dushanbe for the transit visa (Uzbekistan to Aserbaidschan) and it was pretty easy. We went there with the necessary documents (passport, visa of Aserbaidschan, and one picture). We didn’t have to fill out any form, everything was done for us. We just told the person the entry and exit point. Afterwards we had to pay 10$ at the Pakistan Bank (next to Hilton hotel) and then had to go back to the embassy again to show the receipt. He told us that we either can pick up the visa in Dushanbe, or also Tashkent or directly at the border after 10 working days.
We decided to pick it up at the border. We arrived at the Daşoguz border, after 9 days and we received our 5 day visa ( so it was ready earlier). Also we said we will entry in Konye Urgench, but our driver brought us somehow to the wrong border. And it was not a problem at all to enter at another border (even if Konye Urgench was mentioned on the visa). We just heard from another traveller that we have to exit at the right border.

So we were pretty surprised: everything was easier than we thought.

Lea & Kay
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