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Pakistan E-visa extension Q&A

Post by steven »

Please post all your Pakistan e-visa extension reports and questions below.

We summarize all the info at the Pakistan visa page.

For other e-visa related questions, see the main Pakistan e-visa thread.
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Pakistan e-visa extension report

Post by olig »

Hi guys!
Good news... here's my experience of the online visa extension:

I arrived through Taftan border, planning to exit at Wagah border, I originally got a 30-days e-visa. French passport.

I was in Gilgit-Baltistan and no DC office there (Gilgit nor Skardu) is allowed to deliver visa extensions. So I went on Nadra website, it was quite straightforward but I remember I had to select "Individual (up to 6 months)" subcategory, as "less than 3 months" (my original e-visa belongs to this subcategory) was impossible to apply for. Don't pay attention and go for "up to 6 months", press the button and then it's fine, all your informations (from the original form) get automatically copied-pasted by the website so no need to fill it all over again, except the first page.

It got tricky with the documents to upload. Apparently, hotel booking was not enough and they asked me for a
sponsor letter from sponsor along with his/her CNIC on Rs:50 Rupees legal [page] for extension in visa attested by notary public
which was absolutely not understandable to me. And I was staying in a village where noone could really explain me what it meant.
Several times I uploaded secondhand documents, like a letter written by the guesthouse I was staying in, and stamped by the local DC office. But it was never enough, they sticked to the notary thing and kept on sending me emails entitled 'documents required' (I was turning mad!)
In the end... I lost hope and went back to Islamabad (hitch-hiking the KKH in November should be part of the Olympic Games seriously. Got loads of training now, I'm ready for a medal), ready to apply for an Indian visa before rushing to Wagah, shitty schedule, anyway - I arrived in Islamabad and got hosted by a couchsurfer who, from the beginning, knew what it was all about. On the next opening day (yesterday!) I got my 'notification of visa approval' (:

-they gave me 2 more months, as applied
-my visa extension started on the day they granted it. But I must say that my original visa was already expired. Maybe if your visa hasn't expired yet, they would start your extension on its expiring day, so you don't 'waste' any day? now idea. (What I know is that I gained a few legal days in the country, as my visa was expiring on Nov 13th and my visa extension started on Nov 18th!)
-they seemed obviously very reluctant do deny my application. On the fourth 'documents required' email, the visa officer wrote
This application is being sent for last time review, if you could not able to provide the requisite document then this may result in your application being refused.
But new emails, review and 'documents required' followed that warning haha!

So, what is good to know about this damn "sponsor letter from sponsor along with his/her CNIC on Rs:50 Rupees legal [page] for extension in visa attested by notary public":
-scan of each side of CNIC
-the letter has to be printed on a special 'legal' yellow paper, available at any notary office, then stamped by the notary. On top of this yellow paper is a big decorated rectangle, sort of banknote-looking, with the '50 Rupees' inscription in the middle. This is what you need to get.

Well, I guess I forgot a lot of details. Please ask for more!
In short:
French passport.
Original visa validity: 6 months; visa duration: 30 days, single entry, from Taftan to Wagah.
Extended visa duration: 60 days, single-entry.

Fair winds!
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Post by olig »

I'm in Lahore and almost everyday I'm saying good bye to travel mates leaving for Wagah and India (: And a Spanish girl crossed last Sunday from India to Pakistan.

The one thing that overland travelers from Pakistan to India may be interested to know is:

in Pakistan it's not an issue to overstay, you won't get any fine as long as you overstay less than two weeks. But it seems just a little bit trickier in case you own an e-visa. If your e-visa has expired, you first need to visit an office in Lahore (or wherever you are), which kind of extends your visa for the day or so? I'm sorry, this is just a story I got to hear, it's very poor in details!
What I heard: a couple of travelers got turned back from Wagah border, getting told that they would be allowed to cross the border once their expired e-visa would be 'extended' (but it doesn't look like a real extension, more like... an 'expiry approval', if such a concept exists... It looks a fast and straightforward process, only visting the office and getting the paper or stamp or whatever it is). Apparently this is only true for e-visas. My Spanish dormmate went yesterday to that office, as his visa (an 'old-fashioned' sticker one, which he got in Spain at the Pak embassy) had expired a couple of days ago. They told him it was all fine, that only expired e-visas should go through this little process.
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