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Re: Pakistan e-visa and VOA Q&A

Post by BlueNonoka »

Chinwei wrote:I have got the visa on arrival but the email mentioned that I can only travel to Pakistan by airport. I want to cross the border by land and I have to cross there within few days. Can anyone advise me? Has anyone crossed the border successfully by land with visa on arrival?
Hi Chinwei,
In your case I'd suggest that you contact Pakistan Online Visa Support ( quoting your Visa Tracking ID.
Did you select the land border as entry point when you were applying for the VOA?
Best of luck!
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Re: Pakistan e-visa and VOA Q&A

Post by Chinwei »

I didn't choose the land border as per entry because there was not the option during that time. I had written many email about this, I am still waiting for his reply.
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Re: Pakistan e-visa and VOA Q&A

Post by 7days1shower »

Might be quicker just to lodge a new application for an e-visa and select the land border
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Re: Pakistan e-visa and VOA Q&A

Post by asad.roman »

Dear All,

my German friends have finally received ETA approvals after checking with quite few people. the reason given to us about the delay was our mistake and not theirs in the application which has been modified and now they have been granted the visa.

thanks and cheers
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Re: Pakistan e-visa and VOA Q&A

Post by kart320 »

Hi All,

The visa application is so stressful. I am Malaysian, residing in Malaysia and applied for VOA online on the 11th July 3019 and I have not heard anything. The application and payment went through, I did received the notification email.

Have been calling the Nadra numbers provided for every 10 minutes interval since last Thurs until today and no one answers the phone. Called Ministry of Interior and has been passed to one after another, called more than 10 different numbers that I was redirected to.

Sent an enquiry through nadra online on the 19th July, no replies at all. Send another enquiry today and received a reply that I should check my online inbox for update. Duh... I am checking my mailbox, the online inbox and my junk mail hourly!

I am applying for VOA as tourist visa.

I don’t know what to do...
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Re: Pakistan e-visa and VOA Q&A

Post by Monkey123123 »

UK passport holder applied for Business VOA under their '' we will authorise up to 5 years multiple entry''in June 2019 under the new scheme,had visited Pakistan many times in the past. Granted multiple entry for two years. Gave my arrival point as Islamabad.
Due to commitments in other countries not able to immediately travel and two weeks later received a further authority letter changing it to 30 days single entry.

Totally confused I made enquiries and was told that the full grant will be after arriving in Pakistan.

1) Has anyone else had similar experience?
2) Due to changes in flight schedules and world affairs the other airports of Lahore and Karachi are now having more services, in fact I believe that PIA are moving their main hub away from Islamabad even though the new airport is open, therefore IF arriving at a different airport than notified will that cause a problem, I will be travelling now in August.

I appreciate that these are probably teething troubles with the system.
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