Embassy reports: Iran visa in Muscat

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Embassy reports: Iran visa in Muscat

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We got our Iran visa in Muscat. We've been to Iran one month ago.
First we went to the embassy without any visa code, but they told us we have to get the code from the same agency that we used for our previous visa.
So we got our code for a 30 day visa from the agency and went back to the embassy.
We showed the code and he asked if we have an insurence and we showed him the document on the mobile phone.
No further questiones were asked, no papers or copies or pictures needed. Nothing to fill out or sign!
The code was for 30 days, we asked for 90 and we got 60! We told him that we travel by bicycle.
We had to pay 22 Omani Rial (€ 50) each. Our european credit card did not work, so we asked somebody waiting there to pay for us.
One hour later we had our visa :)
You can bring the mobilephone inside and use it while waiting. Both times we went there it was not busy at all and everybody was very friendly.
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