Embassy report: Turkmenistan visa in New Delhi

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Re: Embassy report: Turkmenistan visa in New Delhi

Post by steven »

In the space below, please post and read questions and reports about getting a Turkmen visa at the embassy in New Delhi, India.

We summarize all info in the Turkmenistan visa article.
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Embassy report: Turkmenistan visa in New Delhi

Post by Albin »

Succes story from New Delhi, India

Hi Steven,

Thanks a lot for all the efforts you both put in in making this website which many consider as the bible of silk road travel. I am an Indian working in Oman. I tried many ways to get my Turkmenistan transit visa. like contacting the embassy in Abu Dhabi. But they wanted me to come there which was practically not possible for me. I called New Delhi embassy and applied by sending all scanned docs in mail and paid 10USD in their account (accepted only in USD and exactly 10)

AND I FINALLY GOT IT TODAY BY MAIL. (after 20 days) But I think it took only 13 days to issue the visa.

Applied on 9/8/2019
Received it today 29/8/2019
Date of issue mentioned on the letter 14/8/2019

Pls add New Delhi embassy in Turkmenistan visa page to add my report. I think that would be helpful for other travellers. Like I read a comment by "seysearles" working in seychelles who did the same by applying in New Delhi. That's how I got the idea.

Pls do it if you also feel that's helpful

I couldn't send u a PM. That's y I'm posting it here.

Thanks from Kerala, India ;)
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