Turkmenistan transit visa in Washington DC

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Turkmenistan transit visa in Washington DC

Postby jcgronwall » Fri Sep 25, 2015 8:16 am

Swedish passport, studying in the States. I submitted my application in the DC and got my transit visa for 5 days in Paris.
My route was quite unusual: Istanbul - Ashgabat (flight), then Konye-Urgench to Nukus (with double entry Uzbek visa)

Washington DC:
You have to be in the States when you apply for the visa. Lol is required for transit visa.
To get the Lol from the embassy in DC, you need:
1. request letter to the embassy stating who you are, purpose of your visit, dates of entry/exit, ports of entry/exit, cities you wish to visit. (you can write it in English and the embassy will translate it into Russian)
2. copy of your passport
3. copy of the visa from the country you are exiting before Turkmenistan
4, copy of the visa from the country you will enter after Turkmenistan
5. copy of US visa/green card
6. there is an extra application that the embassy will send you
* I also wrote a letter of explanation explaining why I can't go from Iran (Israeli working visa in my passport) by land, or Azerbaijan (Armenian stamps plus I don't want to apply for the Azeri visa again) by ferry, as well as I don't need visa to visit Turkey.
You can send everything by email to the embassy, no need to mail your passport yet.

They will inform you when they hear from the MFA in Ashgabat. I sent all documents on the 22nd of April and got a reply saying it was approved on the 14th of May. If you would like to get the visa in Washington DC, you then need to send passports, application form to the embassy. If you would like to get it somewhere else, you can ask the embassy to send you the invitation letter, print it out and take it to the embassy where you wish to get it.

Address: 13, rue Picot, 75116, Paris. The closest metro station is Victor Hugo. Super easy to find.
The front door is always opened but there is a glass door inside. You need to press the button for "Consulate of Turkmenistan" (which is right behind the glass door) once you enter the building to ring them and tell them that you're here for applying the visa. I didn't have an appointment. The consular is really kind, perfect English and French. He actually told me that with the invitation letter I can get the visa in the airport but I chose not to risk it. He just asked me some general questions and we chatted a little bit and I complained how difficult it was to get the visa. In general, he will help you with everything.
Normally it takes 5 days to process it but I told him I would only be in Paris for 3 days and he agreed to give me the visa in 2 days! I think I paid 55 euros and you can pay with cash.
Note: Don't even try to go upstairs to the Embassy of Turkmenistan, the ambassador is rather unfriendly and he only speaks French.

Let me know if you have any other questions.
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Re: Turkmenistan transit visa in Washington DC and Paris

Postby jcgronwall » Fri Sep 25, 2015 8:23 am

Actually something funny and more info on the border crossing.
1. When I landed in Ashgabat airport. The passport controller seriously asked me where I got the visa 'cause he has never seen anyone with a 5-day transit visa...:D Remember to pay 12 USD entry tax before you queue.
2. When I was there (July), the border between Konye-Urgench and Nukus was closed due to some reasons nobody knew. I was at that border but it didn't open. The Turkmen side said Uzbekistan closed the border, the Uzbek side said Turkmenistan closed the border and when I was in Tashkent, people said it was because the bridge was broken. But make sure you triple check with someone in your hotel or travel agency (I called DN tour and they said the border was open but it wan't) to verify the border status. I had to run to Dashoguz to cross the border before my visa expired.
3. We all know that the port of entry and exit are listed on the visa. When I crossed from Dashoguz, the passport controller made a joke saying "hey, you need to cross from Konye-Urgench, now you are in trouble", just when I was surprised and tried to explain the situation, he said "HAHA I'm kidding."......
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Re: Turkmenistan transit visa in Washington DC and Paris

Postby steven » Fri Sep 25, 2015 1:50 pm

Thanks for the visa info jcgronwall, and welcome! There is something strange going at that border, but I cannot figure out what...
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