Embassy report: Chinese Visa in Pyongyang, North Korea

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Embassy report: Chinese Visa in Pyongyang, North Korea

Post by sgberesford »


Just a quick update on the two embassies where i obtained Chinese visas.

Vientiane, Laos:

Hassle free, no questions asked, I recieved 30 Day tourist visa for 32USD in 5 working days. I had a few hotel bookings and transport in to China booked plus a fake itinerary (just a DIY word document) with a few places on it. It felt like I could of got one without any of that though. Not a busy embassy, very pleasant.

Pyongyang, DPR Korea:

Lots of tour companies take you to the Chinese embassy if you need a visa. Just took 90 minutes and all you need is your passport! I got another 30 day tourist visa for 50USD. Actually quite busy embassy, 30-40 North Koreans applying while I wS there but foreigners get VIP treatment.
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Re: Chinese Visas in Eastern Asia

Post by steven »

Ooo, North Korea, interesting! Was missing that one on the list. Thanks for the updates!
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