Embassy report: Iranian visa in Istanbul

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Re: Embassy report: Iranian visa in Istanbul

Post by steven »

Please read and post reports on the embassy of Iran in Istanbul below.

We summarize all info in the embassy reports on the Iran visa page.

You can get a letter of invitation/visa authorisation code here.
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Embassy report: Iranian visa in Istanbul

Post by Kasia&Victor »

We applied for the reference to the number via Caravanistan contact form on 20/11/2015 (Polish and Spanish passports). We got a reply from the agency (Key2Persia) on 21/11/2015. We were requested to fill in an online form, fairly easy (you just have to prepare an itinerary of your trip, including hotel names) and within 1 – 2 hours our application was checked. We made a bank transfer for the amount of 54 EUR (27 EUR per person). On 25/11/2015 we got the reference numbers! Incredible! During the whole process I was in contact with the agency and I got replies for my questions really quickly.

We requested the reference numbers to be sent to Istanbul. When we got to Istanbul we asked our friend to call the Consulate to confirm that the numbers are really there. They were. The Consulate is very close to Eminonu on Ankara Street, very central location and easy to find. It is open for public between 8:30 to 11:30. Then after 2 pm it is open ONLY for phone calls. We got there around 9 am. There is a man who speaks some English and helps find the correct „window”. We waited ca. 15 minutes to be attended. We got forms to fill in and were told to pay 50 EUR each (in a bank across the street, no extra charge, we paid in EUR in cash) if we want to have the visas the next day (we were on Friday and were told that the visas would be on Monday). You can also have them the same day but it costs extra 25 EUR each. We went back to the Consulate, gave the documents, passports and proof of payment. On Monday we arrived earlier, but were given our 30 days visas with no problems! Fairly easy, no problems. We really recommend Iranian consulate in Istanbul and Key2Persia via the Caravanistan contact form!

All the best and good luck!
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Dhr Guido
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Re: Embassy report: Iranian visa in Istanbul

Post by Dhr Guido »

Just picked up 30 day tourist visa with LOI. Paid 50eur for Dutch nationality and three working days processing.

All took me three hours at the consulate. Had to wait for the man behind the window to make phone calls in order to confirm my authorization code. Then lots of queuing. Procedure was straightforward: filling out an application form, giving a passport-size picture and paying the fee at the bank. Three days later, pick-up was done in 2 minutes.

- The form at the consulate is different from the one for getting the LOI. Most important to note about it is that you have to provide the adresses and phone numbers of two 'friends or relatives' that you will go to see in Iran. Any hotel will do I guess (plus name of the owner or make something up).
- the consulate officially closes at 12.30, but although the door is indeed closed, people are still working inside. I could still get in to finish my application after an unexpectedly long wait at the bank.
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Re: Embassy report: Iranian visa in Istanbul

Post by mads123 »


Managed to pull off getting both Iranian visa and Uzbek visa same day.

Uzbek conculate:
Brought my LOI, Visa application form from Stan Tours and one passport photo. Cycled up to the Uzbek Conculate. Was there at 9:45 and was let in almost Immediately. Guy got my documents and said I should go to the nearby Akbank and pay 80 USD. They knew the bank account number for the Uzbek Conculate. Akbank only accepted US Dollars. 2 USD fee. Went back and the guy at the Conculate. He had already pasted the visa in my passport when I gave him the receipt.

Really fast service at the Conculate. Really slow service at Akbank. Bring LOI, Visa application, 80USD, one passport photo and passport.

Iran conculate:
Cycled like a mad man over to Sultanhamet in Istanbul. Got in the doors 10 minutes before closing time at the Conculate at 11:20. Showed my reference number and passport. They gave me a new form to fill and I chose 75 euro payment for same day service. Went over to the bank right across the street from the conculate, filled the form while waiting. Paid with Lira. Got the receipt and went back to conculate. They let me in with the receipt. Guy at conculate told me to come back at 16:00 to pick it up.

Quite smooth aswell, but much more traffic than at the Uzbek conculate. Bring Reference number from agent, one passport photo, 75 euro (Lira) and passport.

Nationality: Norwegian. 30 days tourist visa for both Iran and Uzbek
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Re: Embassy report: Iranian visa in Istanbul

Post by worldgrandtour »

Iranian visa in Istanbul for Czech nationals.

We had our ref. no. from zirhamia.cz for 25€ each. Came on Monday, consulate was pretty busy but we filled the forms, paid €50 in the bank opposite the consulate and they told us to come back in 4 working days. You have to leave your passport there, we asked if we could only leave a copy but that is not possible. Came again on Thursday and our visas were ready to pick up - nice and easy!
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Re: Embassy report: Iranian visa in Istanbul

Post by Atthehandlebars »

Hey folks,

As of September 9 2016, this is the short version of the application at the embassy of Iran in Istanbul.

- Get your mfa authorisation number and confirm that it has arrived at the embassy before you visit.
- Arrive at embassy before 11am to have enough time to fill out, submit paperwork and complete payment at bank nearby
- Visa option is 1 day, 3 day or 5 day, prices vary depending on nationality and timeslot (110 euro 1 day for Aussie)
- Embassy keeps passport until pick up date

It's all pretty straightforward. For in depth details refer to this post (Istanbul specific)
http://atthehandlebars.com/how-to-apply ... iran-visa/

Keep up the awesome work Steven and Saule
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Re: Embassy report: Iranian visa in Istanbul

Post by roro »

Hi Attleh...,
To be sure do you mean if you prefer to wait 3 days in Istanbul before picking-up your visa after yoir first visa in this consulate you should pay less?
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Embassy Report: Iran visa in Istanbul

Post by Art8964 »

Hello silkroaders!

Today we got our visas of Iran in Istanbul (Spain nationality),

They have two options:
Express visa: 1 day, 75€
Normal visa: 1 week, 50€

Really easy process, you need two passport photos and the authorisation code (get through caravanistan), then you paid in the bank crossing the street, fill the form and the day after you will get your visa!
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Re: Embassy report: Iranian visa in Istanbul

Post by Ciaran55 »

Just to update, applied today with MFA letter, took approx 40 mins including bank trip across road, pay 75 euro in Lira only. No same day service pick up tomorrow .
Irish passport
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Re: Embassy report: Iranian visa in Istanbul

Post by yhpans »


We are two Indian travellers and got our Iranian visas at Istanbul consulate (July 2017). Sadly we are one of the few nationalities who need to arrange it before hand :(

Arranged for Visa code through Key2Persia - 37 USD (35 USD + 2 USD paypal charges). Visa auth code took LOI took around 10 days.

We reached Istanbul consulate early in the morning around 9:30am and it was already half full, though the queue was fast moving. We handed our passports, Visa code letter and photos (head cover for ladies not required). At first the visa officer said it would take two days but then we requested one day as we were flying out of Istanbul so he agreed to give next day morning. No same day option available. Then he gave us a slip to pay 45 euros (per person) at the bank opposite to the embassy. The bank charged 5 euros transaction so it almost came upto 50 euros.

Next day morning we went to pick to pick our passports at same time and were out in 15 minutes.
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