Letter of no objection Chinese visa Tehran

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Re: Letter of no objection Chinese visa Tehran

Post by sastrandi »

Thanks for update bart jan
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Re: Letter of no objection Chinese visa Tehran

Post by jordi_casas »


The following is an update for spanish passports.

I send an email a couple or three days before going to Tehran. They didn't reply. I went anyway and asked for the letter. You don't have to do the visas queue, you can enter though the main door. Ask the diplomatic police guy outside if you have any doubt. He helps you. After some waiting a very nice guy called Rafael Arellano appeared. He knew what a LONO was and I was told that 6-8 months ago there was no work to do for them, they were bored, but since then it seems to be a lot of moviment in this embassy. The queues in the visa section of the embassy corroborate this.

I was also told to send another email (they didn't read my first one) with the following information:

- full name
- passport number
- passport expiry date
- itinerary in china (I don't understand why but I just made one itinerary up from kirguizstan to vietnam with the help of a map)
- country you want the LONO for

The guy told me that he would try to reply my email the same day and tjat next day could come to pick the letter up. I understand that if they don't reply you it's not worth it to go to pick the letter up.

Anyway, I recieved the email confirming I could go to the embassy to pick the letter next morning and that's what I did. FOR FREE despite the lost of time and that the same day the chinese embassy was closed and have to wait an extra day... I love burocracy.

Content of the letter:

name of consul consul of the embassy of spain, herewith informs
  • that mr your name says to be a spanish citizen

    That mr your name is holder of the spanish passport passport number wich is valid till expiry date, has expresses his desire to be granted a visa to the people's republic of china
stamp and signature of the consul
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Re: Letter of no objection Chinese visa Tehran

Post by Fiestje »

For BELGIAN citizens (july 2016):

We contacted the Belgian embassy two weeks before our arrival in Teheran to ask if they could provide LNO's for the Chinese visa. We got a response very quickly:

We bevestigen dat deze Ambassade inderdaad een dergelijke brief kan opstellen.
Hiervoor hebben we een scan van jullie paspoorten, alsook jullie rijksregisternummers (die op de achterkant van jullie ID-kaart staat), nodig.
Idealiter zouden jullie ons deze gegevens 24 uur voor jullie aankomst op de Ambassade moeten doorgeven, zodat we de tijd hebben deze (vier) attesten op te stellen. Vervolgens kunnen jullie ze komen ophalen, zonder afspraak, van zondag tot donderdag, tussen 9u30 en 15u30.

As asked, 24 hours before our arrival in Teheran, we sent the necessary information via mail and got the following answer (the same day):

Uw attesten zijn nu klaar. U kunt ze komen halen morgen tussen 09.00 en 15.00 op de Belgische ambassade in Tehran.

So, one day later, we went to the Belgian embassy, asked for the documents and were outside again in 5 minutes.

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Re: Letter of no objection Chinese visa Tehran

Post by silviapalac »

Hi Spanish fellas,
Last update from our Embassy. They don't issue this letter anymore (it seems).

As per a previous comment here, there was a Spanish man that got it from the very same person that said no to us (Rafael Arellano).

We requested and pushed for it for more than a week by email, and they rejected to issue it. They did not answer any of our calls so we went directly to the Embassy and they rejected to receive us.

We called to the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Madrid to look for a solution. They appeared to be helpful at the beginning but no success at any point. Still waiting for their answer.

The point is that other European embassies that we contacted for support informed that they could not help us having our own embassy. We felt stuck and we decided to keep going. We will try either Uzbekistan, Kirguistan or Kazajastan, fingers crossed.

Travel safe!

EDITED 04-AUGUST 2017. After confirming Tehran was our only option to issue Chinese visa on the go, we pushed our Embassy again. They finally agreed to sign the letter, it seems it will be the last time they do it. We have gone to the Chinese embassy with this Letter + fakes hotel & flight reservations + fill in forms + pictures and we got our 30+30 days visa.
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Re: Letter of no objection Chinese visa Tehran

Post by esther »

For Dutch nationals (July 2019)

I made an appointment two months before I arrived in Tehran. Dutch Embassy Tehran has an online appointment tool. There is no option to select LONO, so I selected another category (just to get the appointment). I emailed the Embassy about this and it was fine. You have to make an appointment per person. You cannot reach the Embassy with metro, so it is better to order a taxi. At the gate the guards will check if your name is on the list and you have to leave your phone and bag in a locker. The Embassy was quiet. Embassy staff was familiar with a LONO. Price was 30 euros per letter (cash) and they said that they would prepare it within 20 minutes. Eventually we waited for 1 hour at the Embassy (to get two letters). So if you want to get to Chinese Embassy early, you better make an appointment at the Dutch Embassy as early as possible.
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