China Tourist Visa from UK - Overland Trip 2023

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China Tourist Visa from UK - Overland Trip 2023

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Hi all, I have searched the topics and think this is a new one, but apologies if it has been covered before and under the new 2023 rules.

We will be travelling overland to China in the leaving the UK 29 August, entering via Kazakhstan using the Almaty to Urumqi train, if it is reinstated, or by bus if not. We'll pass through China into Hong Kong, back into China and then onto Vietnam. This is our plan, please advise on any tips or experiences

1. Book cancelable return flights to Beijing with BA. For September.
2. Book seven nights in Beijing hotel and seven nights in Hong Kong - again cancelable.
3. Apply for a "L" tourist Visa. Ask for two entries to China if possible. i.e. in the first time via flight and say we plan to visit Hong Kong. We will need a second entry as I will tell them we will be going back to Beijing to fly home to UK.
4. Apply for a fast track visa 6 working days prior to our departure date i.e. 21 August. The fast track is stated at 3 days, so should be ready to collect by 23 August according to the statement on the embassy web page.
5. Receive visa and cancel flights and hotels.
6. Arrive in Almaty and transit to China using visa.

1. I have read that the visa will be valid for 3 months from approval and for 30 days inside China. So does that mean if the visa is processed on 21 August and we enter China on 1 November we must leave China by 21 November? Or does it mean that as long as we enter before 21 November we get 30 days AFTER entry, meaning if we are running late we can still use 30 days?
2. Has anyone applied for a double entry tourist visa in 2023?
3. When you apply, how long do you typically have to wait to get your appointment?
4. Can I run a dummy application and get an appointment without it barring me from future applications?
5. Can I apply for myself and my wife together on one appointment? I know that we both are required to attend.

Thanks in advance, Shaun.
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