Uzbek visa: home country application rules redundant?

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Uzbek visa: home country application rules redundant?

Post by wombat »

I'm a new migrant from Lonely Planet Thorn Tree. Mission: Uzbek visa.
Most of what I have read on Uzbek visas say you need to get it in your home country, if there is an embassy. We have 1 Australian and 1 Japanese passport, and are resident in Aust (no embassy) not Japan (which has embassy).
I am wondering if we could get uzbek visas in Bishkek or Dushanbe.
From reading on this site, would it be correct to say that holding an LOI would trump any rules on applying in home country? Would we be succesful without an LOI, or would the home country rules apply?
Apologies if this is clearer to others than it is to me. Thanks.
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Re: Uzbek visa: home country application rules redundant?

Post by bwv812 »

If you have an LOI, then obtaining the actual visa is usually as simple as showing up at the embassy and getting the visa on the same day. Even if you don't need a LOI, you should get one unless you fancy waiting two weeks for your visa to get approved. Never heard of the home-country rule, and most travelers on extended trips pick them up along the way so it's definitely not a requirement.

Bishkek's Uzbek embassy is a bit notorious, but Dushanbe's is also very busy (they make Tajiks get visas, even though lots of Uzbekistan is ethnically Tajik) and when I got mine they ignored the dates on my LOI and simply gave me 30 days from the date of issue.

Caravanistan's visa pages should have all the information you need, including everything I wrote above.
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