Consulate Report: Uzbek Consulate General, Frankfurt

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Consulate Report: Uzbek Consulate General, Frankfurt

Post by Swiss-Austrian-Pair »

Dear fellow travellers

We just had our 15-day visas for Uzbekistan successfully arranged through the Uzbek consulate in Frankfurt, Germany by post.
>Everything went perfectly fine and smoothly -> so we can highly recommend their services.

Since we live in Switzerland (Swiss & Austrian citizens), we sent our passports and all the other documents necessary, registered by post and had everything back within 16 days. It had cost us €70,-/Person & postal fees. We did not need to have a LOI.

cheers everyone
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Re: Uzbek Consulate Frankfurt Germany - recommendation

Post by steven »

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Re: Uzbek Consulate Frankfurt Germany - recommendation

Post by Crazydre »

Good to know they accept applications from Swiss residents, in case I find myself going there by land. Some authorities have claimed only the Berlin embassy deals with Swiss residents.
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Consulate Report: Uzbek Consulate General, Frankfurt

Post by Milad »

As the eVisa is coming this will be of historical value only soon, but I'll enter Uzbekistan in the weeks after the introduction through a small border crossing and don't want to take any chances, so I applied for a sticker visa. Applied on Monday, picked up on Friday. Note that not everyone here speaks German (and I assume even less people will speak English), so speaking (a very basic amount of) Russian is an advantage: When I arrived there and gave them my visa application, I was asked if I spoke Russian. I said "a bit" and was told that I need to get a printed passport photo (it doesn't mention this on their website, so I assumed uploading the photo on the online form was enough, which is not the case). When I came back, there was annother guy who spoke excellent German. Visa cost 60 EUR, according to their website you have to go to a bank and bring the stamped bank transfer form to the consulate, but actually you can also pay there by card. Note that their machine accepts only German debit cards ("EC-Karte"/girocard), no Credit cards, probably also no foreign cards.

When picking up on Friday everything was a bit chaotic, they fished my passport out of a box with a lot of passports in it (he had to search for a few minutes...), I was then told that my application hadn't been processed yet and to have a seat. I feared to have to wait for hours, but the entire processing just took a few minutes until I got the passport with the visa back.
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