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Re: LOI for Mongolia visa

Post by steven »

Keep us up to date!
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Re: LOI for Mongolia visa

Post by puravida »

Hi Steven,

here is the final update, sadly not so useful:
since we understood that for the Nadaam festival all Mongolian embassies would be closed from 11th to 18th of July, we found ourselves with not enough time to go to an embassy, apply for the visa and come back (we were living in Dalian, China). So we abandoned the plan to go to the Hohhot consulate (Inner Mongolia, 24h by train from our home) to apply.
We opted for going through a Mongolian agency based in Beijing to apply for an express 24h visa at the Mongolian embassy in Beijing. Very expensive (1200 rmb per passport - 180$), but no way. We sent our two passports (an Italian and a Costarican) by express courier (an experience that I strongly don't recommend) to Beijing on Monday morning. Shipment lasted one day, visa was ready in 24h. They were a bit late sending all back, so we received our passports only Saturday morning.

So, as from our experience, Costaricans definitely do NOT need any LOI to apply for a Mongolian visa. Anyway, we found that at Ulaan Batoor's Zaya hostel they were available to provide us something like an informal but useful LOI, for free if booking one night at their place.

We also found some unofficial information about Hohhot Mongolian consulate from people working at its side.
Address: 呼和浩特蒙古国领事馆,东影南路10号附近 ; near 10 DongYing Nanlu (South rd.) , Hohhot, Inner Mongolia.
We were told that are available either an express visa (24h, around 800rmb, ) or a regular visa (4 days, around 500rmb, ). Working days and hours: Monday to Thursday, 9am-5pm.
As it happens with the Erenhot/Erlian consulate, nobody answers at the phone numbers that can be found online (I guess most of them are too old and ceased to be used), but very few times we found somebody answering at this number:
+86(0)4714902262 (no English is spoken)

That's all!
Have a good time!

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Re: Embassy report: Mongolian visa in Almaty

Post by laurent_rio »

Hi David

About LOI Mongolia that you buy from Zaya hostel for 10 USD. For this LOI, do you need to book hotel or tour from them ? If yes how many night minimum ?
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Re: Embassy report: Mongolian visa in Almaty

Post by David »

Hi Laurent

The hostel states on his website, that you have to book a room or tour with them. We are traveling by bicycle, so we told them, that we don't know our exact arriving date and asked, if we could do a flexible booking or so. At the end they didn't even answer this question. So we just bought the letter without any booking. Maybe they are very tolerant, maybe we were just lucky.

Another thing: They don't received our first request which we send through the request form on their website (even though we received a automatic confirmation). So better go through their email: [email protected]

Also: Check if you really need a letter for your visa.

Good luck
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