Embassy report: Iran visa in Almaty

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Embassy report: Iran visa in Almaty

Post by rodalmon »

Hi, now is possible obtain the iranian visa in Almaty. The new embassy is in Radlova 5 and it\'s open from 10.00 to 14.00. We obtain the Visa in the same day, only 30 minuts after the payment if the staf doesn't have work, but if they have work if ready in 24 hours. The friendly staff, speak very good english and very kind to help us with our questions.!
Of corse we have the previus autoritation of the MFA Touran zamin, obtain the autortation in ten days.
Thanks Steven for your website
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Re: Iran visa in Almaty

Post by Xavier »

Hello all.

I'm French and travelling for one year.
Now embassy seems working from 9am to 1pm, Monday to Friday.
I had no issues in Almaty for getting the visa. You have to get the autorisation before (well explained on caravanistan.com), and bring it with your passport (I printed it black and white).
They did not ask for picture, he said to me he already had it with the autorisation.

They let me choose between 3 prices : 100 euros for the current day, 75 euros for the day after, 50 euros for 2 days waiting.
I chose 50 euros, that you have to pay in the Pakistan national bank (pretty far by walk, around 40 min, so I went by taxi) . They asked for cash in tengue, and made me paid 20000 + 150 commission bank = 20150t. There is an ATM just next to the bank.
Once paid, you have to go back to the embassy, and give them the paper the bank gave to you.

2 days after, I came back to the embassy, and got my visa in 10 minutes.
Almaty seems good place to get iran visa :)
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Re: Embassy report: Iran visa in Almaty

Post by Marvintxo »

We just get our Iranian visas in Almaty's consulate. We are from Switzerland and Spain. Easy process, no picture needed, only our passport and reference number. We paid 50 euros to get them in 3 days (other options are 100 euros for the current day and 75 euros for the day after). We did the payment in the Pakistan National Bank (which is reachable with the buses 38 or two 62).
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Re: Embassy report: Iran visa in Almaty

Post by Emmmmmma »

I went to the Iranian consulate on March 13th with after applying with Caravanistan's partner, Key2Persia. The address is indeed Radlova 5a, Mapsme got it right.
I gave them the printed paper I received from Key2Persia and payed 50€ to the bank of Pakistan which is a little far away. No picture needed.
The friendly man working at the Embassy spoke English, he said he was not sure to be able to deliver the visa before my depart from Almaty three days later so he would send it to me by email. But it was super fast, I received my Visa by email two days later. I simply have to print out the document and show it to the border of my choice. I have 3 months to enter the country and can stay 20 days from the day of my arrival.
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Jules Hobson
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Re: Embassy report: Iran visa in Almaty

Post by Jules Hobson »

Acquired codes through key2persia easily enough (2 Australian passports). Went to consulate on Monday 2nd Sep and was told to come back tomorrow because the visa officer was absent. Came back on Tuesday 3rd Sep and handed in the forms with the codes. Was given a slip to pay at the Pakistan Bank a couple of KM away. It's on maps me. Cost was 100 euro each which is about as cheap as it gets for Australians. Make sure the bank understands you need to pay for multiple visas if necessary. Returned to the embassy with a receipt and the guy said he will email us the visas in 3/4 days. I asked if we could come back and get it in the passports and he said no it's not possible now. We went to Astana and still no email by Monday. Tried ringing all the numbers, emailing them, and going to the embassy in Astana. No luck. Returned to Almaty and went to the consulate and it was obvious they'd just forgotten us somehow. Waited about 10 minutes and they sent us the visa. Also be aware that the number of days you write on the itinerary for the codes is the number of days you get on the final visa. It doesn't look like there's a general 30 day visa anymore.
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