Turkmenistan Transit Visa in Tehran

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Re: Turkmenistan Transit Visa in Tehran

Post by Alfred »

Success story here! Australian and Australian/English. None of the phone numbers listed on this website or anywhere we could find online worked so we just had to head back to the embassy to find out. Entering Turkmenistan on an Aussie passport and into Uzbek on British. It does get approved in Tehran if you are disorganised and don't plan properly like us! The guy there said it would be fine at the border, to make sure we had both passports to show and print outs of our Uzbek e-visas. Using Howdan-konyeurgench borders.

Just to reiterate they are superrrr fussy on the notes!!!!
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Re: Turkmenistan Transit Visa in Tehran

Post by us3r777 »

We are a couple of French travellers on their way to China (Follow us here http://www.apprentis-vagabonds.fr/itineraire/). We managed to have the Turkmen transit visa one week ago. We applied in Tehran and we took our visa in Mashhad after 10 days. We had a problem with our "old" dollars in mashhad but we managed to solve it.

In Tehran we needed :
- passport
- 2 pictures
- copy of our passport, Iran visa and Uzbek visa
- Letter written by hand which explain why we need to cross the country (one letter for the couple)
- Application form (we took the form at the embassy and we completed it by hand)

After 10 days we were in Mashhad. It was difficult to join the embassy by phone to know the avancement. So we went directly to the embassy.

The woman said it's OK but we must fill the application form and give her pictures, copy of passport and Uzbek visa again.

We gave 110 $ for two transit visa. We had to pay in dollars (not Rial, not by credit card).

We had a problem with our dollar. The woman wanted only "new" dollars. Our billets were from 2003. They were too old. "What's the **** ! ". We tried to explain her that it's very difficult to find dollar in Iran (their was a new economic crisis the day before). But she just said "Dollars not ok" and closed the windows.

We succeed to find dollars from 2013 in an exchange office. At this office, the employee explained us that he couldn't take our dollars because old dollars had less value than new dollars. We met a nice Iranian. He bought our dollars and he gave us "new" from 2013.

We came back to the embassy. 2013 was a good year but their was a stamp on our billet. "Dollars not OK". The woman want a clean billet. We talk with her 10 minutes to explain we cannot find another one. Finally an employee exchange our "dirty" dollar with a clean one.

We paid the embassy and took our visa !

To cross the border between Iran and Turkmenistan we needed to pay 28 dollars more for the travel taxes (no Rial, no Manat, no credit card).

They also tried several times to put us in a taxi. Just say you want to walk and you don't have money if you don't want to pay.

We entered Turkmenistan !
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Re: Turkmenistan Transit Visa in Tehran

Post by MarieEmilie »

Another success story. I'm a french solo woman traveler.

Went to the embassy in Tehran with :
-2 pictures
-color copy of my passport
-color copy of my Uzbek e-visa
-handwritten letter : "I hereby apply for the transit visa for Turkmenistan in the purpose of going from Iran to Uzbekistan", dates of transit visa and borders (for me Sarakhs-Falap)

Knocked at the window, had to fill 2 forms.

Called 10 days later, a very polite and kind man asked me where I was from and when I said "France" he could tell me that my visa was accepted without even asking for my name.

Went to pick up my visa in Tehran. They didn t accept my 100 "old" dollars bill so I had to change it (there is an exchange office "Exchange Mojtahedi" (it s on maps.me/google maps) 5 min walk from the embassy where they accepted to give me 2 new 50 dollars bills-I had to beg a bit though)

I asked to change the dates for earlier days, no problem, got my visa :)
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Re: Turkmenistan Transit Visa in Tehran

Post by kunibald »

Success! Got 5 days transit visa, as requested. Procedure was exactly like mentioned here. German passport and big beard in real life and on the pictures. Applied in Tehran, picked up in Mashhad. Was able to change the dates during pick up. You don't need to decide for your pickup place beforehand, with the confirmation code you get from the embassy in Tehran you can pickup in both places, they print it on the spot.
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Re: Turkmenistan Transit Visa in Tehran

Post by Khodolgoon »

We (two french citizens) get the turkmen transit visa in 12 days applying and picking them up in Tehran. Procedure like mentionned here.
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Re: Turkmenistan Transit Visa in Tehran

Post by Sebpix »

Another success: Two German students. Applied in Tehran, pickup in Mashhad. Procedure as mentioned in forum
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Re: Turkmenistan Transit Visa in Tehran

Post by SHappe »

Success for us too! Two Australians. Applied in Tehran, pickup three weeks later in Mashhad. I called after two weeks, and they said it was all fine.

At the embassy in Tehran, they gave us a 'sample' to copy from. It was just the application for two French guys who went through in January, but he lent it to us to help with the forms (some questions are a bit ambiguous). The guy in Tehran was really helpful, great English, went through our forms and made sure everything was good.
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Re: Turkmenistan Transit Visa in Tehran

Post by hh2sg »

We (Singaporean and German) have just applied in Tehran today, requested to pick up in Mashhad. We just wanted to update on this forum that we needed to pay $10/person in Tehran, and the remaining $45/person upon collection.

We will update the outcome of our application when we have it. Fingers crossed!
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Re: Turkmenistan Transit Visa in Tehran

Post by CésarDP »

According the new free Uzbk visa for some western countries...do you guys need to show a booked hotel in Uzbekistan in the Turkmen embassy?

Im spanish citizen trying to get my visa next month...
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Re: Turkmenistan Transit Visa in Tehran

Post by Graindum »

We (french couple with a baby) applied to a transit visa for Turkmenistan (with the free visa regime in Uzbekistan). We had no problem (we paid 55$ for grown ups and 15$ for our baby, after withdrawal), the guy was nice and call and sent a message to us when it was ready. It took a bit more than 10 days (maybe 2 weeks) but we got it.

The dates of arrival and departure you say when you ask for the visa can be changed when you withdraw it, but then, you can't change anymore. It is 5 days.
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