Turkmenistan Transit Visa in Tehran

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Re: Turkmenistan Transit Visa in Tehran

Post by nabeelfarid »

I called the embassy in Tehran today to find out the status of my application that I submitted on 3rd July. The lady on the phone told me that it has been approved and gave me a reference number to pick it up from the Tehran embassy. She also asked me if I would like to pick it up in Mashhad and that I can change the dates of my Visa to at the time of picking it up.

- I left the inviting party section empty
- I left vlyat, etrap and address of stay empty as well, just like it's been shown in the photos above in the previous response.
- I didn't mention in the letter that I will be cycling
- I stated entry point as Saraahs-AWTO and exit point as Farap-DYOL
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Re: Turkmenistan Transit Visa in Tehran

Post by ArnoAgape »

Success!! French guy hitchhiking around the world, got my visa yesterday in Mashhad for $55. I applied on 27th June and got an answer only 14th July. The lady on the phone told me to call back every two days, that's what I did for one week and a half. I was very worried that it takes so long, but finally, yesterday, pain was over and the guy on the phone told me it was OK. I filled the form as it was described on the posts before and you will find an example in the embassy. Thank you so much Caravanistan for your very useful help.
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Re: Turkmenistan Transit Visa in Tehran

Post by Haenslein1 »

Success. 2,german cyclists. Also used the pictures in previous post to copy. They hung them next to the door at the embassy, too.
Sarahs awto to farap awto. We mentioned in comment section and in letter to consular we are travelling by bike.
We mentioned in the letter in which villages we plan to stay. We put in the adress of a hotel in mary on the application where it asks for etarp etc. Probably not necessary though.
Pictures must be 4 times 6, normal passport pics, we had a different size, no problems.
Called after 7 days, were told to call back 2 days later, "probably no response before that". Still called the next day, positive reply. (Today). Were told on saturday that there is no consular service. We were told on sunday to call back on tuesday after 2pm, so probably you don' t have to call during opening hours.
Pickup today in mashhad, changed entry date to tomorrow.
Maybe the example letter and form could be uploaded to the Turkmenistan visa page? Maybe also the form could be uploaded somewhere as some have problems downloading them? I don't know how to do this, not good with smartphones.

3 more were accepted while we were at the embassy in tehran, no rejections.
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Re: Turkmenistan Transit Visa in Tehran

Post by JulienFR »

Hi there!
Two French passports accepted!
The embassy was closed twice when we first wanted to applied, better plan your Turkmen visa in advance... They do what they want with their opening hours (once they decided to close in the morning and opened from 2 to 3pm, the other time they plainly closed for the morning and asked to come back the next day...), the guy at the desk is actually ok.
- We did the classic motivation letter with a quick mock itinerary, without mentioning hotels and saying we will take buses (we usually hitchhike).
- We wrote the inviting party as shown in the pictures but we met a German that didn't fill the box and obtained the visa anyway. Its seemed perfectly ok not to do so for others too.
- The guy told us to come back a week after to pick up the visa. We applied on the 10/07/19 in Tehran an picked it up on the 21/07/19 in Tehran without calling beforehand.
- As mentioned in other posts, you are asked if you want to modify the dates of entry when picking up the visa.
- As always, bring clean dollars bills above 2009!

When we where there a German and a Spanish cyclists got it to.
Two Turkish guys and the man of a French couple where rejected (the couple travel with a van, maybe not the reason). They all didn't get explanations, but apparently Turkish nationals are rejected now...

Sarah and Julien
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Re: Turkmenistan Transit Visa in Tehran

Post by eversmango »

We are two cyclists who got approved for 5 day transit visa. Swedish (M), Norwegian (F) applied in Tehran on Tuesday 23/7, collected Sunday 28/7 in Tehran. They told us to call after 7 days.

We didn't write that we were cycling in the letter, didn't call them either to check. Just went to the embassy after 5 days and asked and it was approved.
We copied the sample letter which many others here used (same as the wall at the embassy)

On pickup we were asked if we wanted to collect there or Mashhad and change the date. So entry date is still date specific/fixed at least when applying in Tehran but you get to change that entry date to whatever you want. We and another couple asked if we could get the visa with no/blank entry date but it didn't seem possible.

3 other people (Netherlands, Germany) who were there at the same time also got approved for 5 day transit, and one French guy was declined.

When we applied on Tuesday we filled another form by hand, otherwise you need nothing else than what others have mentioned (everything in color!). Paid 10$ x2 on application day and 45$ x2 on pickup (fresh dollar bills, blue 100$ one)

Come early in the morning, the procedure is quite slow.
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Re: Turkmenistan Transit Visa in Tehran

Post by PolyP. »

Hello! We are two German women travelling Europe and Central Asia by land. We applied for transit visa the 10th it July in the Embassy in Tehran. The visa counter is only a wooden window on the right side of the building. If you find it closed, just knock and wait for a couple of minutes. They open it about every 10-15 minutes or so. We gave our documents to the office man inside the window (visa application form in b/w, letter describing our travel plans, coloured copies of passports, two passport photos) and payed 10$ per person. We got another paper to fill out at the embassy and got a phone and email contact card to call 7 days later. About the documents: We left the inviting party out and later met other people in turkmenistan who used black and white copies and had no problems.
The next week (Thursday) we called the embassy, they told us to call again on Saturday. Did that - first number didn't work, second number did. The lady on the phone gave us a code to write down to pick the visa up in Mashhad. Two weeks later we picked up the visa in Mashhad. We were there at about 10 o clock. The man at the counter gave us another document to fill out. In Mashhad we had our entry date changed to one day earlier. Payed another 55$ per person. The embassy worker wanted another photo, but we didn't have any left. That was no problem. We left our passports at the embassy and picked them up at 4pm the same day.
We met around four more people who got the visa the same way like us and had no problem. :)
Wish everyone good luck!
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Re: Turkmenistan Transit Visa in Tehran

Post by Worldhitchhiker »

Dutch overlander applied around the 15th of July in Tehran for the 5-day transit visa.

It went exactly the same as 'PolyP.' mentioned above, but one difference. We called the Tehran embassy after 10 days, they gave us the reference code by phone (their English was good). Then we called the Mashhad consulate, gave the reference number and they told us everything is fine and we can pick it up.

After 5 days we went to the Mashhad consulate in person, around 9am. They kept out passport and told us to pick it up at 4pm. At 4pm we got our visa without any problem.

If you enter via Sarahs you'll have to pay another 14 dollar at the border. So all in all it costed us $10 + $55 + $14 = $79.
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Hitchhiking the world. In 2019 I am hitchhiking from The Netherlands to Vietnam.

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Re: Turkmenistan Transit Visa in Tehran

Post by Miss Shopping »

Norwegian female, 21 years old. Applied in Teheran on the 7th of August. Used the application form from here, got a new form to fill inn by hand at the embassy. Very polite man at the embassy, but you had to wait for a bit before he opened the window (did not like it if you tried knocking, as he can apparently see you anyway on CCTV). Told me to call in one week to hear and pick up my visa. Called back today, 14th of August and was told that my application was rejected. Asked if I could apply again the lady on the phone said that I would get the same answer if I applied too soon, and that it was better to wait for a few months before trying to apply again, and find an alternative route now......

Regarding phoning. On the wall of the embassy there was a phone number listed, 22206731 (107) I called that, without the 107 but didn't even get a ringtone before it told me that the network was busy. I tried calling +98 2122206731, it ranged for a bit until the buz sound stopped. I dialed 111 as I had read someone else had done so here. It started calling again, but in a different way, and it was very low. When the lady answered I could barely hear her, so recommend anyone that's calling to be in a quiet area.

Good luck for everyone who managed to get the visa!
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Re: Turkmenistan Transit Visa in Tehran

Post by esther »

Two Dutch overlanders here, we applied successfully in Tehran for a transit visa. Applied on the 25th of July, picked it up on the 5th of August (in Tehran). When applying we followed the instructions mentioned on this forum, but the only thing we were struggling with was the application form. We tried several laptops and browsers, but we could not download the PDF form. It would not open, it showed an error. So we thought maybe they had a copy of the form at the Turkmen Embassy, but they have not. They use a new form with a QR code, so you really need to fill it out on a computer to generate the QR code. The guy at the Turkmen Embassy (nice guy, ordered a snapp for us to go back to the hostel) sent us to an internet cafe nearby (10 minute walk) to fill out the form. It was not really an internet cafe, more an office with one spare computer and a printer. But it was all we needed, because we could finally open the PDF form (download from the Turkmen Embassy website). So, to summarize, we handed in the following papers at the Turkmen Embassy:

- PDF application form with a QR code and a passport photo (basically copied the example on the wall of the Embassy)
- a second 1-page form with a passport photo (they give you this form at the Embassy)
- colour copy of Iran visa (Dutch citizens don't need a visa for Uzbekistan)
- colour copy of passport
- a signed request letter with our motivation and itinerary for Turkmenistan (copied the example letter on the wall of the Embassy)

We paid 10 US dollars per person when we handed in the paper work and 45 US dollars per person when we picked it up. In total 110 US dollars for 2 people, make sure that you have new 100 US dollar notes.

When we wanted to pick it up, we tried to call first (because the guy at the Embassy gave us phone numbers when we applied). But these numbers did not work. There was a weird ringing tone. We decided just to head over the Embassy (after 11 days of waiting) and see if the visa was approved. At first we thought it was rejected, because the nice guy had a list of names and we were not on it. He closed the window, told us to wait and then he magically found our applications and asked for the passports to prepare the visas.

A few other notes about the Embassy:
- You have to communicate through a tiny window and the staff will close the window now and then. Knocking on it does not help, because they will not open it. You just have to be patient and accept the fact that the process is slow.
- The Embassy guy got a bit confused when he saw our nationality (I wrote down Dutch). He asked a couple of time if I was German. Better to write down The Netherlands.

Other notes:
- We used the Bajgaran entry point and exited at Konye-Urgench - Nukus. Looking back on the trip, I think it would have been better to exit at Dashoguz, because we wanted to go to Khiva first.
- At the border (point of entry) you have to pay 10 US dollars per person + 4 US dollars. So in total the whole visa process cost us: 110 US dollars (visa for 2 people) + 24 US dollars (entry border fee) = 134 US dollars.
- The problem with the PDF application form is (I think) the browser PDF viewer. When you download the form, most browsers will open it in a PDF viewer. This does not work. You need to open with the PDF reader program (most recent version).
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Re: Turkmenistan Transit Visa in Tehran

Post by garyloam »

May I confirm the embassy opening hours ? I wanna know if the embassy in Tehran will be open on Saturday and Sunday?

I find the below schedule and wanna check with you all if they are still valid at the moment

Turkmen embassy in Tehran.
Opening hours: Sunday from 09:30-11:00 and Mon-Thu from 09:00-11:00.
Tel: 222 06 731 Fax: 222 06 732 The address is Barati street, off Vatanpour, off Lavasani street (map).

Turkmen consulate in Mashhad.
Opening hours of the consulate are 8:30 – 12:00. Open every day except Friday. Tourists can only apply Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
Address: Do Shahid St. off Dah-e-Dey Sq (next to Afghan Embassy)

Thank you
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