Turkmenistan Transit Visa in Tehran

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Re: Turkmenistan Transit Visa in Tehran

Post by steven »

Normal to wait more than 10 days. Extend your iranian visa if possible.
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Re: Turkmenistan Transit Visa in Tehran

Post by kkarina320 »

Alright, so even though i Applied for 15th of september they will give me visa later with another date? 8-)
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Embassy report: Turkmen visa in Tehran

Post by miaesper »

We (one Belgian and one Dane) have successfully obtained our 5-days transit visas after applying in Tehran with pick up in Mashhad.

In Tehran: Bring photocopy of passport main page and your granted Uzbek visa (or whatever country your trasiting to). Also bring plenty of photos and some glue or tape. Furthermore, you need to beforehand have written and printed a letter of request stating what your are applying for (transit visa) on what days and via which borders. At the embassy, you will be asked to fill out two form. One for handing in and one for keeping until pick up. Be aware that the Bajgiran border is closed at the moment (we went from Saraghs to Konye Urgench).

After 12 days, we got phone confirmation that our visas were ready for pick up in Mashhad.

In Mashhad: http://caravanistan.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=993
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Re: Turkmenistan Transit Visa in Tehran

Post by RansNL »

I went to the embassy in Tehran on the 17th of October and there was a sign on the door that they won't accept applications from the 15th - 30th of October. I showed them my Uzbekistan visa and told them that I needed to be there the 7th and eventually they gave me the forms.

I needed to fill out the form (they provide it) and write my name and entry and exit dates and points on a piece of paper which they also provided. They gave me another form which I was expected to bring when I picked it up. A colour copy of my passport, Uzbekistan visa and a passport photo when I applied and another photo when I picked it up.

I was told to be back the 31st in Tehran or Mashhad.

I went back to the embassy in Tehran today and within 20 minutes after handing in the second form my visa was ready. $55 dollars for a Dutch passport.
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Re: Turkmenistan Transit Visa in Tehran

Post by web_runner »

Just to enrich the information about the Turkmen transit visa refusals in your extremely useful and reach of knowledge forum. An update for transit visa applications in Tehran from 31st of January. So, with my girlfriend we applied together for transit visas with an itinerary on the main straight road from Iran to Uzbekistan (already having Uzbek visas for 30 days). Everything in our common letter of intention (the guy in the consulate said it is fine to present 1 letter for both, as we're together) was properly written - that we are traveling by land from Europe on the way to Uzbekistan and we need to transit Turkmenistan (everywhere mentioned transit and only the border points and the roads on the way, no tourism, no touristic places mentioned, asked for 5-day transit, as usual). We had to present colour photo copies of the passports, 1 picture for her and 2 for me (I had different sizes, the guy took both, in case), together with the letter and the application forms. We were told to call them (we asked for possible pick up in Mashad - he said that it is fine, and it doesn't matter where we pick up...) for outcome after 10-12 days. We called a few days ago and were told that my visa was rejected (Bulgarian passport), while her was granted (Hungarian one). He didn't have any info why, neither what we can do, since we're traveling together. We called also to confirm it in Mashad (and eventually for information what we can do, after 1 of the visas is rejected), but they did not have any information about the visas and told us to call Tehran, because they can't see it in their system. Today we confirmed with the guy in Tehran that the documents for the application were correct but the second visa is rejected, and he also confirmed that if second application is made "most probably" it will be rejected again. He for the second time said that there is no information why, and has no clue what we can do in that case...

Btw my friend (Argentinian passport) applied earlier in January (also in Tehran) and got the 5-day transit visa but with dates shifted with 12 days (because of the elections held during his desired dates...).
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Embassy report Uzbek and Turkmenistan tehran - mashhad

Post by Stefvdp »

Succes story!

4 Belgian cyclers, first we went to uzbek embassy for a 15 day visa without LOI. we sent an email to pick up a recommendation letter at the Belgian embassy and the lovely Belgian ambassador produced 4 standard letters for us for free which we picked up combined with an hour of smalltalk and advice + warnings for the trip. (This letter didn't cost us anything). She suggested to make a similar letter for Turkmenistan.

- uzbek visa in tehran: all caravanistan info correct. Visa was ready in 8 days and cost 65 dollars for the 15 days. We picked it up later after 15 days. Entry and exit adjustable when you pick up. Required docs as listed on this website and very friendly lady at embassy.

- turkmen visa: applied in tehran on Sunday 6th march around midday. The small window where you apply was closed but the guys handling trucker visa's were outside. We knocked on windows and after 30 minutes of waiting we handed in our application.
They needed 1 colour copy of uzbek visa and passport page. Also 1 passport sized picture. They hand you a form to fill in. The man seemed rather friendly and helpful but distant.
You need a hand written letter for which i found a draft on Google. (Don't forget passport nr and emtey/exit border name)
We gave an extra document, the letter of our Belgian embassy stating were Belgian citizens only transitting.
We suspect our embassy letter helped for the turrkmen application. It explained we needed only transit to continue from iran to uzbek. (1 same letter for 4 ppl, copied 3 times. They kept all copies of this one while the embassy guy gave the iranian visa and extension opy back saying he didn't need it) we asked for pickup in mashhad and the guy said that was no problem. Should be ready in 2 weeks.

- pickup:
After 3 days of continuous calling the Tehran embassy we got no answer, we were almost halfway mashhad. I reached them 1 time out of 100 and then they told me to wait and they just hung up. The mashhad embassy phone nr i found on internet is wrong and no other number to find anywhere.
A friend in tehran sent a taxi to embassy with a copy of our passports to check if we were approved. We got the code of our application to pickup in mashhad! (This news was 10 days after application)
We were stressed because the week of norooz was coming close (maybe embassy will be closed) and rushed to mashhad. We picked it up today saturday March 18th. Required 1 picture , colour copy of passport and uzbek visa and 55 dollars. We gave them the code but I think they can find it in their system without it so if you cant reach the Tehran embassy you can gamble and go to mashhad anyway.
After us in mashhad came a Japanese guy who also applied in tehran and was approved! (He will enter through asjgabaat and exit dashoguz by bus)

To remember:
- we are 4 single young men with travel beards of 6 months. Only 1 blonde guy.
- our entry is 23-27 march, sarakhs-farap, partly the norooz week. Seemingly no issue for the application! I hope the border is open.....
- a recommendation letter of your embassy to confirm.you are merely transitting might help for turkmen visa!
Also, applying earlier in the year might give better chances than summer? Who knows

All info on this website was correct. Also gps locations. Thank you Steven and Saul for this wonderful source of information.
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Re: Turkmenistan Transit Visa in Tehran

Post by Boubou »

We applied on March 5th for the 5-days transit visa, from Iran-Turkmenistan border to Turkmenistan-Kazakhstan at the Turkmenistan embassy in Tehran. We are two girls traveling by hitchhiking, students in Paris, with French passports. As the visa is not required in advance for Kazakhstan, we gave a printed version of the law explaining that French citizens can get a 30 days visa at the border.
We have been waiting for 15 days (when we called them, the Embassy didn't have any reply for us, even after 13days), to eventually learn that our applications were both refused.
At the Embassy, we also met 3 German guys traveling by truck who got their visas. They applied for a 3-days transit visa in Islamabad, Pakistan.

For information, here is a picture of the opening hours, telephones and required information at the entrance of the Embassy:

Thank you for all the very usefull information that we found here!
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Re: Turkmenistan Transit Visa in Tehran

Post by Mati14 »

13th of April 2017 REFUSED!

Just to give some more information. I applied in Tehran on 30th of March with the intent to pick up in Mashhad. I am a cyclist from Poland doing the Silk Road by electric bicycle. To increase the chance of success I asked the polish embassy in Tehran for reference he letter. They prepared it for me and I attached it with the application docments I left in the Turkenistan embassy.

On Monday 10th of April I came to the Turkmeni Consulate in Mashad. They told me there is still no answer from Asghabat. So I repeted the visit every morning: always with the the same result: no decision, visa still in process. On the 13th of April I finally got answer: rejected.

So it seems that even if you have letter form your embassy it does not help.

Update: pening hours of Mashhad Consulate: Everyday 8:30-12 except fridays and sundays
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Re: Turkmenistan Transit Visa in Tehran

Post by Mendameoro »

Dear Mati14,

Do you have a plan b? Which one is your next step?

Warmest regards.
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Re: Turkmenistan Transit Visa in Tehran

Post by TomasS »

Slovakian, 30 years, man, single, solo traveller-today refused
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