Embassy report: Russian transit visa in Tiblisi

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Re: Russia Transit Visa - GEO to Kaz

Post by Atthehandlebars »

October 2016

As an aussie the process is a little more complicated then other nationalities for a transit visa. You need

- application form
- visa recieval form
- bio letter (aussies only)
- transit letter
- 1 x white backed photograph 3 × 4.5

Note that for Australians, everything for the transit visa must be completed in Russian. No exclusions. Everyone else can do it in English except Georgians.

Wander up to the russian interests office, wave your passport at the guards. They'll let you in right away and give you a ticket. When number is called go to desk and present application.

10 CALENDAR days processing time and $100USD for an Aussie.

For more info read here - http://atthehandlebars.com/2016/10/10/a ... n-tbilisi/
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Re: Embassy report: Russian transit visa in Tiblisi

Post by nomad37 »

It seems US passport holders don't have a problem obtaining a tourist visa from Tbilisi.
My problem is I am traveling with a Chinese passport holder and am not sure if they same rules apply.
After searching endlessly online, I couldn't find any information.
Has any one gone through this process with a Chinese passport or know someone who has?

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Re: Embassy report: Russian transit visa in Tiblisi

Post by tomroshiva »

Hello, we are now in Tbilisi-Georgia and this morning tried to get the Russian transit visa to go to Kazakhstan. Apparently, there are two ways of getting a Russian visa in Tbilisi, either through the Russian Embassy or the new Russian Visa Center (which charges an extra 30USD fee per person for the paperwork). Whatever option you choose, this is what you need:
1 - The tickets valid for an entry and an exit from the Russian Federation
2 - Visa for neighboring country you are going to visit (if you need one).
3 - Passport with no less than 2 empty pages and valid for 6 months from the visa expiry date
4 - Copy of your passport (page where your picture and personal details are)
5 - Visa application form printed and signed: https://visa.kdmid.ru/PetitionChoice.aspx). They ask for detailed itinerary starting from Tbilisi to the first stop in your destination country.
6 - Colour photograph 3.5x4.5 cm with light background
7 - Medical insurance policy valid for Russia during the days of your stay

Well, we had everything prepared as requested, arrived this morning at 8:20AM at the Russian Embassy, waited for almost 1H outside under the rain to be told in the end that we couldn't get our visa there and that we needed to go to the Russian Visa Center instead. They didn't even let us go in the Embassy... I don't think they are willing to issue visas anymore.
We went straight to the Russian Visa Center and, after making us wait for about 1H, we were told that we needed to translate our international driving license (which is also in Russian) and the technical documentation of our motorhome into Russian (it doesn't need to be an official translation, a friend could do it for you). So we ended up wasting the whole morning for nothing. We have been told to go back on Monday with all the required documentation but we are not sure now if we want to try it again or just leave it as they are not specially friendly or welcoming but the opposite.
We'll keep you posted if we give it a second chance!
BTW, we travel with a Spanish and a British passport but I don't think it makes any difference in this case.
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Re: Embassy report: Russian transit visa in Tiblisi

Post by HesterGr »

Hello everyone!

We (Dutch passport holders) applied in June 2019 for a transit visa in Tbilisi, to drive with our own Toyota LC through Russia to Kazakhstan. We did exactly as stated on the website of the Embassy, copied every document, translated all our official documents (drivers licenses and car passport) ourselves and when we first arrived at the Embassy for a VIP appointment, we were sent away. We needed an official translation of every document, from a notary. We did this (crazy expensive) and returned to the Embassy. We found out there that the Embassy in Tbilisi needs the color of your vehicle stated on an official document. As our Dutch carpassport doesn't state the color of our car (that's not obligated in the Netherlands) this was a problem. According to the Embassy, we needed to go back to the NL and get a new car passport with our car color stated on it (which is crazy and even impossible). I begged them for another option and this lady called the consul. We had to write a letter where we stated the color, the type of car and we even had to add two pictures of the car.

In the end, our visa applications were approved and after two weeks we received our 10 day transit visa. We ended up paying 280 dollars (because we also used the VIP Lounge and apparently they calculate that twice, for each person).

Now, over 4 months later, we've applied for three more transit visas in other countries (Kazakhstan 2x, Mongolia 1x) and I can tell you that Tbilisi Embassy is an exception. We never needed the translations again, never needed the color statement of the car and we never paid more than 40 dollars per transit visa since then.

Good luck.
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