Embassy reports: Russian Visa in Tashkent

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Re: Embassy reports: Russian Visa in Tashkent

Post by Graindum »

Hi !
We're a family of 3 french people (2 adults and 1 baby).
They didn't want to apply, saying that France was not among the countries in the "new rule". Though we phoned us, and they said us (roughly) to refer to the website, which is not up to date. So even if France is written in the list of countries from which we can have visa with longer processing time, it's no more possible to get a tourism visa in Tashkent.
We'll get a transit one in Uralsk !

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Re: Embassy reports: Russian Visa in Tashkent

Post by 12holvoe »

We are a French couple travelling the silk road and we plan to come back by train from Tashkent to Moscow. We have trouble finding informations on Russian transit visas. Any report from people who asked for transit visa in Tashkent? Especially, how long did it take, how much did it cost, and what paperwork is necessary?
Thanks a lot
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