Uzbek and Iran visa in Ankara (embassy report) Dutch passport

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Uzbek and Iran visa in Ankara (embassy report) Dutch passport

Postby ManoukBob » Thu Jun 16, 2016 2:21 pm

Hi all,

I thought I give you a heads up about my recent 'Silk Road' visas. I have a Dutch passport.

UZBEK (ankara):
Friendly consul and got the visa on the spot. Changed my entry and exit dates from the dates on the LOI and this wasn't a problem. He also asked if I needed one or a double entry. You'll need to pay at a nearby bank with a local.

IRAN (ankara):
Arranged my authorization code through the Stan Tours agency. From the day they submitted my forms to the Iran authorities, it took 23 days (I expected 14)! Both the agency and me thought it was a rejection, but eventually the code came through. Therefore, I'd advice other travelers to only go to Ankara (or another embassy city) once you've actually received the code... It's a waste of time to wait in the city. When I received the code I was in Trabzon and I tried to apply there, but they referred me back to Ankara. So, you can't apply in another city. With the LOI it was an easy procedure in Ankara and I got the visa the next day.

TURKMEN (tehran):
Unfortunately, I just heard my transit visa got rejected. No reason. I hear mixed stories from other travelers. Some get it, some don't. The rumour is that the rejection rate is 75% at the moment. I decided to book a ticket to Aktau and will enter Uzbek through the backdoor.

Unclear at this moment. When I first got there they stopped handing out visas all together, as they're starting the e visa. Anyway, they allowed me to submit my papers, so I will go back in a few days for an update. From other travelers I understand they now advice to get the E-visa (even if you're arriving overland). Would be very interested in hearing reports of people who already used the E-visa at a land border.

CHINA (tehran):
Easy application procedure, but the 'law firm' (mentioned in the forum) where you can fill out the application form is closed... Can hopefully pick it up this sunday.

DUTCH embassy (for Letter of No Objection)
You have to make an appointment, otherwise they will not allow you in. Busy embassy. Had to wait for an hour despite having an early appointment at 7.30 AM and once I went in they said making the letters of No Objection would take another 3 hours. I said the other embassies would be closed then and got it within 10 minutes. Paid 2x 30 euro's.

Not extremely detailed info, but hopefully it gives an impression of the latest situation.

See you on the road and thanks for all the info on this website!!!

Cheers, Manouk

P.s. I'm posting a lot of photos on my Instagram account for those interested @ManoukBob and will also post travel tips at my website!
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Re: Uzbek and Iran visa in Ankara (embassy report) Dutch passport

Postby ManoukBob » Sun Jun 19, 2016 3:44 pm


Received my Chinese visa today! Note that there has to be 24 hours between payment at the bank and collecting the visa itself. E.g. Try to pay on the same day as you apply (in my case the banks were closed because of ramazan).

Totally unexpected I also got a double-entry Tadjik visa on the spot. I gave them my application 1,5 weeks ago, but I thought they'd refer me to an e-visa. However, no word on e visa and got the visa directly (50 euro's express). Very friendly guy behind the counter this time!
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