Embassy report: Mongolian visa in Almaty

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Re: Embassy report: Mongolian visa in Almaty

Post by steven »

Please read and post reports and questions on the consulate of Mongolia in Almaty below.

We summarize all info in the Mongolia visa page, under embassy reports.
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Re: Mongolian visa in Almaty

Post by WorldMotorcycleTour »

yeap done easy in 3 hours for 70 usd. 2 australian passport holder
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Embassy report: Mongolian visa in Almaty

Post by David »


We just (July 2016) received our Mongolian 30-days tourist visa in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Location of the consulate is in the South of Almaty near Sain Street / Al-Farabi Avenue, at Musabaev Street 1, between the Hungarian consulate and the Health City Hospital
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/YL7NMh4ovqk
Opening times: Monday to Friday 9.30 to 13.00

These documents each of us submitted:
- 2 Application forms (Downloaded from http://consul.mn/ -> Visa -> Download visa application
- 2 passport photos glued on the forms
- Passport valid for 6 months or more
- 1 Copy of passport in black-and-white
- 1 Copy of LOI in black-and-white (probably not needed, but they took it)

- Collection on the next day
- Costs for one visa: 68 USD, paid in US-Dollars (with Swiss passport, don't know if other nations have different fees)
- We’ve got 30 days (with entry within 90 days)

Here some more details:

Why we bought the LOI:
There was most probably no need of a LOI for this visa. We hoped we could get a 60-days tourist visa, since we found lots of information about 60- and 90-days visas on the web. BUT this seems to be old information and these visas are not issued anymore. For these visas we would have needed a LOI. So since we already had the LOI we also submitted it to the consulate. Btw we bought it through Zaya Hostel in Ulaanbaatar and it cost 10 USD each.

About the consulate:
The consulate itself is an old Sowjet style house. There is a bell at the gate. They didn’t let us in, but a young and friendly guy came out and we handed our documents and money to him. He spoke just a little english. According to Google the opening times are from Monday to Friday, 9.30 to 13.00. On both days we were there around 11am and it wasn't busy at all.

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Re: Embassy report: Mongolian visa in Almaty

Post by Fiestje »

2 Belgian passports, cyclists.

We applied for our Mongolian visa last Friday in the morning and in the same way as David explained, in front of the closed gate. A man came out when we rang the bell and took our applications forms (filled out and printed) and copy of passports. We had also added a personal letter to explain the purpose of our trip in Mongolia, but no LOI or anything else.

We could collect the visa today (Tuesday), so not the same day nor the day after. We also paid 68 USD each (today when we collected them, not with the application). 90 days entry + 30 days in the country. Today, the gate went open and we could wait inside, because the visa weren't ready yet.

Opening hours are from 9-13u, 14-18u; telephone number is: 8/727/2472535
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Re: Embassy report: Mongolian visa in Almaty

Post by RansNL »

Hi everyone! I picked up the Mongolian visa today in Almaty. I've never experienced such an easy process. I arrived yesterday at the embassy around 10:45 and I rang the bell a few times. Nobody answered so I asked my taxi driver if he could call. He called and the guy who was in charge appeared to be asleep. He opened the door and let me in. No control or anything. He welcomed me in and gave me the forms but as I already had printed and filled in the forms I was out again in 2 minutes. They kept my passport as well a copy of my passport and two photos.

He told me I could pick it up the next day at 14:30 for $58. He told me this before he knew my nationality so I think it's the same for everyone.

Today I went back and rang the bell. The guy came outside with my passport, I payed the fee and that's it. The easiest embassy and visa I experienced on my trip.
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Re: Embassy report: Mongolian visa in Almaty

Post by Zevla »

20 minutes, 58 Dollars each (Czech passports).

The guy who came out was a bit surprised that we actually wanted to get a visa, and then he let us in. The building looked like a haunted house and except that guy, there was nobody. We filled in a form (no need to print it in advance, they can give you one), handed over photos (2 photos 3x4, rather bad quality but it was ok), money and the passports. No LOI. Then the guy told us the visa would be ready in 3 months. We were shocked for a moment and then we found out he actually just didn't speak that much Russian and only had been trying to say that the visa would be valid 3 months. Then we were looking through a 1988 book about yurts (one of the newest things in that building) and then we got the passports back with the visa in it.
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Re: Embassy report: Mongolian visa in Almaty

Post by MatZoub »

french citizen alone, still super easy.

20 minutes there. I arrived at 3:30pm. Just needed 2 pictures 3x4, my passport, and 58 dollars.
The guy who let me in speaks english.
He gave me the application form (can be filled in about 5 min), then I waited about 5 minutes and it was done.
Be aware that you cant pay in Tenge. So get some dollars before going there.

Good luck guys
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Re: Embassy report: Mongolian visa in Almaty

Post by Lottieandryan »

2 x British passport holders received 30 day tourist visas within 30 minutes.

Documents required per person
-application form
-2x passport photo
- photocopy of passport

Cost per person:

We asked about a 60 day visa, he said not possible in Albany, but should be easy to extend when in Mongolia.

The guy is extremely friendly and helpful.
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Re: Embassy report: Mongolian visa in Almaty

Post by thibautpaggen »

Quick message to confirm that I (a Belgian citizen) had the same experience that the previous two peoples. I arrived at the embassy on Friday 18th of May 2018, around 3pm, gave two pictures, a photocopy of my passport and 58USD, filled up the form and got my visa in less than 20 minutes. Make sure you have a phone with you as the gate is closed and there is no bell (the number of the embassy is on the portal). Also, I took the bus 119 to get there. It's a long but easy and cheap trip (150TGE) and you can catch it at the corner of Tole Bi Street and Seyfullin Avenue (going West along Tole Bi St.). Enjoy!
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Re: Embassy report: Mongolian visa in Almaty

Post by roro »

Thanks a lot, very helpful!
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