Embassy reports: Mongolian visa in Bishkek

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Re: Mongolian Consulate Bishkek: Issuing Visas

Post by steven »

Please read and post reports and questions on the embassy of Mongolia in Bishkek below.

We summarize all info in the Mongolia visa page, under embassy reports.
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Embassy reports: Mongolian visa in Bishkek

Post by DAEMO79 »

The Mongolian consulate in Bishkek are issuing visas.
Very easy, we rocked in at 15:30 hot and flustered from our drive across town. 20 mins later all practicalities taken care of. No fuss.
3 working days later we had our visas ( it was a Thursday afternoon so we picked them up Monday afternoon).
Although we supplied a photo the visa is 'valid without photo.

Cost 56usd each, which we had to do an exchange from gap for som to usd - so a grand total of 89£ for 2 visas.

Now let's see what happens about our car and duty at the border .... Mightn't get in.
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Re: Embassy reports: Mongolian visa in Bishkek

Post by jill »

Hell o there
Please may I ask you : did you need a letter of invitation?
Kind wishes
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Re: Embassy reports: Mongolian visa in Bishkek

Post by awanderingkiwi »

Hi all!!

Just got a 30 day tourist visa for Mongolia today, New Zealand passport, was a very easy process, great place to do it.

Information to note:

- there's only one man there in the office (so sometimes he's busy/out of the office etc). He doesn't say much, but is very friendly, helpful, and caring.
- Opening hours are usually from 10am until 5pm, not closed for lunch, open usually from Monday until Friday.
- address is correctly shown on caravanistan website and google maps
- go in one day, fill out the application form that he gives you, (you only need one photo), he'll take a photocopy of your passport (so you can take it away with you), and he'll give you a slip of paper, with details of where you can make the bank deposit for your visa application (for 59USD) (total time 10-15 minutes max)
- come back 3 working days later, at anytime during the day, give him your receipt from the bank and your passport, and he'll put your pre prepared visa in it (total time 5 minutes max!)

Extra info:
- my passport was expiring in less than 6 months, but he said that this was no problem.
- only about 2-6 people visit him each week, so he's defiantly not overly busy!
- I did not ask if it would also be possible to make the visa in less time than 3 days.. So maybe it would be possible, maybe not..

Good luck! :)
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Re: Embassy reports: Mongolian visa in Bishkek

Post by gasmagnifico »

Last post almost a year ago!
Update below:

Embassy still working and can confirm the absolute relaxation of the office. Employees drinking tea and coffee and chatting in the common area. Really cool vibes.

And most important: it is possible to apply for Mongolian visa and collect it same day (4 hours) for 105€ (Double price than regular 3-5 days)
It is a strategic hub ending the Pamir Highway going to Almaty.
Only 1 picture and passport needed.
Overall smooth and quick experience: rang the bell outside at 10am, 15 minutes procedure of form filling and at 1pm will be ready. Done and dusted.

Expensive but efficient (especially if, like me, you’re in a hurry to get into Mongolia)

Safe travels everyone!
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