Chinese Visa in Ulaan Baatar (Mongolia)

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Chinese Visa in Ulaan Baatar (Mongolia)

Post by Mignon_travels »

Here you can find some updated info on how to get the Chinese visa in Ulaanbaatar: ... d-to-know/
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Re: Chinese Visa in Ulaan Baatar (Mongolia)

Post by katykins79 »

I'm a UK citizen and was able to obtain a tourist visa for China in Ulanbaatar this week. The process was as described in other recent posts:
You first have to go to the embassy on a Tuesday morning. It opens at 9.30, but a queue builds up so you probably want to go a little earlier, although not too early in the cold weather or you'll be waiting outside for a long time. I got there about 9.00 and was only waiting outside for around 40 minutes, but it was Christmas Eve so hardly peak time.
You will need to have all your documents with you and they will check them and give you a voucher to come back another day (the following day if you're early enough and depending on how busy they are I guess). You then go back on that day and submit your application officially, then go pay for the visa at any Golomt Bank using the voucher they give you (there is one just around the corner from the embassy, turn left out of the door then left at the corner and you'll see the bank a few doors down on the other side of the road - Голомт Банк). If you pay for express service (USD 67) you can collect the visa the same day from 4.00p.m.
It's worth noting that the visa they gave me was strictly for the number of days I will be in China according to my itinerary, so not "up to 30 days" as I was expecting. They do not specify an entry date (you can enter anytime before a certain date). This was not a problem for me because I have firm plans, but if you don't have firm plans for China you need to make sure that your "dummy" bookings provide for the number of days you actually want.
Also note all documents must be in English or Chinese.
Many thanks to all those who took the time to post information on this forum, it was really helpful!
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Re: Chinese Visa in Ulaan Baatar (Mongolia)

Post by xhallox »

I got my Chinese Visa through the Chinese embassy in Ulaanbaatar a couple of weeks ago, so this is still an option if you can’t apply from the country you’re registered or got refused there. Basically it’s still the same procedure as @rhinomaxil has described it earlier on. I just want to sum things up a little ...

Here is a list of what you need for the visa appointment:

- one passport-sized photo
- your passport
- a copy of your passport
- a copy of your Mongolian Visa/border stamp in your passport
- the application form (you can get it when you pick up your voucher)
- a travel itinerary of your entire trip in China (this is usually part of the application form but I think no one can fit e.g. 30 days in the little window provided in the application form. So just write it on an extra paper)
- Flight conformations
- Hotel bookings
- Statement of your old passport (If you don't have your previous passport anymore, which usually is the case, you need a statement where your old passport is now. In the embassy they have a template letter of what you should write, I'll attache it at the end.)

When I handed in all the documents, I had to go into a small room where someone asked me a few questions. But don't worry, he was friendly and only asked me about some details of my trip, e.g. what I wanted to see in China, where I would go after China and so on ... all these things were written down in the application form anyway, so I think this is just something he had to do by law. The people working at the embassy were as friendly as in any other embassy. So don’t worry too much about that. The process is very fast forward once you're in the embassy.

One personal note: I have been to China twice before. When I tried to get my third visa for China I mentioned Xinjiang as a place I wanted to go and my application got refused in my European home country. When I applied in Ulanbaatar again, I lied about that and about the fact that I had been to China before. The old visas are in my old passport, so they don't see that and obviously they don't check their system. What does it mean? I just want to mention that if you had a problem before with China, sometimes it makes sense not to tell the truth ...

Hope this helps you to get your Chinese visa!

Here comes the Statement regarding your old passport ...

* * * * *


I am >YOUR NAME<, >YOUR COUNTRY< nationality, Passport No. >NUMBER<, >YOUR ADRESS< in >YOUR CITY<, >YOUR COUNTRY<.

My old passport expired in >DATE AND YEAR< and was returned into >YOUR LOCAL AUTHORITY< authority when I picked-up my current passport.

Since 2015 1st of January till today I have been visited >ALL COUNTRIES YOU HAVE BEEN TOO<.

I hereby declare that I shall bear all the legal consequences for the authenticity of the information and attached documents I provided.



* * * * *
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Re: Chinese Visa in Ulaan Baatar (Mongolia)

Post by mrwakett »

hey guys! Currently planning my Mongolia trip for Summer 2022.

I would try to time it to arrive on a Monday to go to the chinese embassy Tuesday morning. I would see Gorkhi Terelj National Park and then come back to pick up the VISA before heading to the Gobi Desert.

I have read about whats needed etc and that I need hotel and flight bookings to get out of China.

What about if I want to overland from Ürümqi to Kalinino for the Altyn Emel National Park in Kazakhstan? I would love to camp at Sayram Lake as well before crossing the border. So it would be one night in Ürümqi, one night in Turpan and then a night in the tent - not sure if thats something the Chinese officlas like to hear? Might have to book a hotel nearby officially to get the VISA i guess and then go for the camp instead?

If hitch hiking is possible, i would try that - worst case I would take the Overnight bus to almaty as a backup.

One last question: It is not possible to cross the land border into china from Altai Tavan Bogd National Park I suppose? If it is, it could save me a lot of time going back to Khovd into Bulgan for sure!

HLooking forward to hear about your input :)

Thanks, chris

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