Embassy report: Iranian visa in Baku, Azerbaijan

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Plutos Tour
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Re: Embassy report: Iranian visa in Baku, Azerbaijan

Post by Plutos Tour »

Two swiss passports. Very easy to get the Iran Visa in Baku.

We went to the embassy on a wednessday morning. Had to wait for about 30 minutes. Handed in our grant notice an the passports (no copies or photos needed). Went to the cassier in the same building. Payed 50 Euro each (or 75 Euro for same day visa). Picked up the visa in the next morning. Very easy. We can recommend this embassy to pick-up the Iran Visa.
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Re: Embassy report: Iranian visa in Baku, Azerbaijan

Post by BartIna »


We have applied for a 30-day stay in Iran in Oktober 2019, travelling by bike, entering through Azerbaijan.
- as said earlier, applying via caravanistan and the Iranian travel bureau for a 'grant application' or authorization code worked very well and quick.
- the Iranian agency adviced us to call the consulate in advance to make sure they received confirmation, but finally reaching them by phone after many attempts just resulted in them saying 'please come the consulate'.
- another advice from the agency was to bring passport photo's, travel insurance documents, and passport copies. We didn't need any of this!
- the visa was ready after just one day, after paying 50 euro each (German and Dutch passports)
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Re: Embassy report: Iranian visa in Baku, Azerbaijan

Post by HogoMogo »


We are a couple traveling with Romanian Passport and we got the Visa pretty easy at the consulate in Baku.

We requested the Grant Notice (GN) from key2persia (kudos to the Caravanistan form) on a Saturday (16.11) and we were supposed to receive an answer in max 3 days from them. But unfortunately in Iran a series of protests started which lead to the government cutting the internet in the whole country, this way we were not able to get in contact with the agency to receive our application. Only a week later (23.11) after a couple of phone calls we received our GN. Since the consulate is open only Monday-Friday we had to wait 2 more days and in the end on Monday the 25th we went to the consulate with our color printed application papers. We arrived at 10:00 AM and there were a lot of Pakistani citizens applying for the visa. Since there were a lot of people, there was a lot of yelling and shouting but in the end our number was called and we were asked to pay a fee of 75 euros per person for a urgent visa. I asked if there is also a cheaper option with picking the visa the next day but the guy said verry angry NO. Maybe because of all the people that were there bombarding him with questions. Anyway we paid at the cassier (which is in the same building) and were told to wait. After about 30 minutes our visa was ready and we could leave that place.

We were quite unfortunate, due to the protests in Iran that delayed our Visa application and that on that specific Monday, 50 Pakistani people decided to apply for a Iranian Visa and were quite rude and annoying. But all in all it was ok. The guy at the counter wanted only our applications and passports. He was not interested in innsurance, photocopies or anything. Two days later we reached the Astara-Astara border and gave our visa and everything was ok. No insurance was required here as well.
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Re: Embassy report: Iranian visa in Baku, Azerbaijan

Post by drivingthefareast »

Hi Guys,

Today i picket up my Iranian visa. Damn, i am happy with that!

on 7-1-2020 i applied for my visa trough the online Iranian system.
On 21-1-2020 still no single word from them and the status unchanged.
On 21-1-2020 i rejected my request for the visa.
On 21-1-2020 i applied for my Iran grand notice(visa) trough 1st quest(sorry Caravanistan guys) and got my insurance for Iran at the same time(my regular insurance stopped covering since there are some tensions in the region)
On 22-1-2020 i got my Grand notice in my email.
On 22-1-2020 i collected my actual visa for Iran from the embassy in Baku.

while collecting nobody was interested in insurance or photo's. I have a bunch of recent USA stamps in my passport. nobody asked me about this.
I am travelling on a dutch passport.

overall, a lot of Pakistani applying for a visa here, this is causing a bit a chaos somehow. this embassy works pretty efficient i would say.

enjoy your application

Niek - Driving the far east
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