Embassy report: Chinese visa in Hong Kong

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Re: Chinese visa in Hong Kong

Postby steven » Tue Sep 18, 2012 12:15 pm

Please read and post reports on the embassy of China in Hong Kong below.

We summarize all info on the China visa page, under embassy reports.
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Chinese visa in Hong Kong

Postby Mikael » Wed Sep 10, 2014 10:37 am

Instead of trying to extend my visa in China Iwent to Hong Kong to get a new double entry. Should be easy peasy lemon squeezy?

Maybe depending on the company. China Travel Service HK wants 80 usd or thereabouts... but I have to provide a full itinerary with hotel- and transport bookings. Not the best when biking. Sure I could make some bogus ones, but why pay an agent then?

So I'm using ChinaVisaKing aka. YN Travel. They want 600 hkd and I just had to provide passport, photo and a filled out application minus the itinerary bit. Hopefully this will go smoothly.

Both firms have offices near Causeway Bay/Wan Chai on Hong Kong Island. Staying in a hostel at the former so everythings within walking distance.
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Embassy report: Chinese visa in Hong Kong

Postby Bart-Jan » Fri Sep 16, 2016 11:37 am

I tried using Hong Kong as an emergency exit a few weeks ago. Flew there from Almaty but had to return without a visa.
I applied through an agency and they couldn't give me a reason. Thought it might be the Turkey and Iran stamps in my passport. Then I went to the Chinese visa office in Hong Kong to ask them about this. I was told by an extremely unfriendly lady that they didn't do visa for foreigners in Hong Kong. Since I heard French and German around me I didn't believe this and I told here so. She then said she was only considering my passport and was ot interested in other people around us. When I didn't want to go away she kept saying "I think our conversation is overy already" until I finally left.
Anyway, Hong Kong doesn't seem like the perfect visa spot anymore, or maybe I just was very unlucky.
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Re: Where to best get Chinese visa now?

Postby Fiestje » Thu Sep 29, 2016 12:54 am

We contacted this agency http://www.fbt-chinavisa.com.hk/ to ask if it was possible for us to apply in Hong Kong for Chinese visa and got the following answer:

"We can provide 2 options:

1) Individual visa

Usually for belgium passport without HK id, you can apply for single/ double entry tourist L visa or business M visa, each entry 30 days.
Usually it will take you 4 working days.
4 days service (Monday –Friday):
It will be issued by HK visa office.
You could apply single or double entry tourist “L” visa or business “M” visa for staying 30 days.
Single is HKD450.00.
Double is HKD550.00.
Arrive before 1:30pm, Pick up around 12:00pm on 4th working day.

If you want express:
2 days service (Monday –Friday):
Single is HKD2350.00.
Double is HKD2450.00.
Arrive before 9:30am, Pick up 12:00pm next working day.
Arrive before 1:30pm, Pick up 4:00pm next working day.

Same day service (Monday –Friday):
Single is HKD2750.00.
Double is HKD2850.00.
Arrive before 9:30am, Pick up 6:00pm same day.

Please bring your passport original, 1 photo and arrival Hong Kong Sticker for application.
No need for flight ticker nor hotel voucher.

For business visa we also need business license of Chinese company and your invitation letter from Chinese company, with red company chok and contact person signature on it.

2) Group visa

Group visa:
If there are 2 person or more. You may apply group visa.
Provide flight ticket and hotel booking if possible.
You must enter and exit together.
And the visa is single entry valid for 30 days since the day issued.
You need to enter China within 15 days since visa issued.
Price is HKD500.00 for each person to apply on weekdays.
Arrive before 12:30pm. Pick up around 6:00pm.
Price is HKD650.00 for each person to apply on Sat.
Arrive before 9:00am, pick up around 1:30pm.
Please bring your passport original, 1 photo and arrival Hong Kong Sticker for application."

We have Belgian passports with stamp of Turkey and Iran.
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Re: Where to best get Chinese visa now?

Postby Kasia&Victor » Thu Oct 06, 2016 7:55 am

Fiestje, we used FTB in Hong Kong and were very satisfied. My husband is Spanish and I am Polish. We applied for a double entry tourist visa and were granted two 30-days stays in China. Our second stay is soon to be finished so we will extend the visa.

Back to Hong Kong and FTB, it was really straight forward. We came early on Saturday and were second in the line. We had to fill in the form (only personal details, the second part of the application reg. itinerary, hotels, etc. is done by the agency), hand out photos and come back in 4 days. We came back after 4 days and were handed fresh and beautiful double-entry visas. We paid (with 50HK$ x 2 discount coupon you can find on their webpage). Actually we were surprised of how many agencies offer their service in obtaining Chinese visa. We were afraid of risking and went straight to FTB. Highly recommended.

We had no issues with our passports, though we also have Iranian and Turkish visas. We were asked about these visas when leaving China to Mongolia. Seems that muslim countries are sensible in China. They only asked us what we did there. No problems afterwards.

Good luck!
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Re: Where to best get Chinese visa now?

Postby Alac » Thu Oct 06, 2016 11:34 am

Hi, Kasia&victor thanks for the post. Could you please specify when you applied/obtained that visa?
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Re: Embassy report: Chinese visa in Hong Kong

Postby Fiestje » Mon Oct 10, 2016 1:31 pm

Thanks Kasia & Victor for the confirmation and for telling about the discount coupon, we didn't know, that's great!
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Re: Embassy report: Chinese visa in Hong Kong

Postby Fiestje » Fri Oct 28, 2016 1:01 pm

We had a strange situation with the FBT agency in Hong Kong this week.

After getting their answer via e-mail as copied above with all the visa options, we thought we would definitely get a Chinese visa there. Turned out differently though. When we handed in our application (individual tourist visa, single entry, 30 days, Belgian nationality) the man behind the desk warned us that because of the Middle East country stamps in our passports (Turkey and Iran) there would be a risk of getting only 15 instead of 30 days or maybe nothing at all. Oow, that was a unexpexted surprise because we thought it's kind of impossible to NOT get a Chinese visa in Hong Kong.

Anyway, we waited for a couple of days, but a day before we could go and collect our visa, we received an e-mail telling us that our application got rejected, so we went back earlier than expected to get our passports back. They guessed it had indeed to do with the Turkish and Iranian stamps in our passports...

However it turned out there was another, 'last' option: applying for a group visa. That type of visa requires at least 2 people, you get 30 days and have to enter and exit together. You get the visa on a paper, so there's no stamp in your passport. The group visa is a little bit more expensive than a tourist visa (500 HKD instead of 450) but we didn't need to give any information, did not even need to fill in the usual form, and it could be ready in one day so we had nothing to lose and applied. Our hopes weren't very high however and we had already accepted the fact to fly again to our other destination. But we got it! We don't see the logic: we applied at the same agency for a visa and one day we get rejected and the following day we have it. ???

So in case you're more than one person and don't get an individual tourist visa, just try the group visa. It turns out to be a lot easier and quicker. Negative point however: for a group visa, you can't use the coupon of 100 HKD that you find on the FBT website.
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Re: Embassy report: Chinese visa in Hong Kong

Postby Fiestje » Mon Oct 31, 2016 10:32 am

Update about the border crossing Macau-China (we took the ferry from Hong Kong to Macau first): we were taken aside for an extra passport control and an interview because of our crossing through Turkey a couple of months ago. They wanted to know what we did there. Apparently the relations between Turkey and China are troubled? Anyway, when it's clear you're just tourists, they let you go of course.
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Re: Embassy report: Chinese visa in Hong Kong

Postby Radelman » Sat Jun 17, 2017 3:17 pm

Wanted apply for Chinese visa with FBT agency in Hongkong today. After a request I got the following information. Especially the last sentence can be important. It seems they also use the old passport rule.
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