Embassy report: Chinese visa in Hong Kong

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Re: Embassy report: Chinese visa in Hong Kong

Post by Nemo73 »

Hi Radelman,
...but if you pretend that your visa is the first you got in your life, what could they say ?!
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China expert
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Re: Embassy report: Chinese visa in Hong Kong

Post by bwv812 »

Well, they could obviously say no, especially at embassies that routinely reject visas.
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Re: Embassy report: Chinese visa in Hong Kong

Post by Radelman »

Got a Chinese visa via FBT-Agency without showing old passport.

They asked me for it but I said I don't have it and they just said, okay we'll try it.

Super service! Even with two Iran visas in my passport no problem.

Everything you need is your passport and one photo. They also can make a foto for you but charge you 40HK$.
The application form you fill out in the office, just the personal things. The itinerary leave blank.

No flight, no LOI, no booking needed.

Prices and processing time like on the foto above.
in 2017 they have a 50HK$ coupon on their homepage:http://www.fbt-chinavisa.com.hk/
they don't tell you this. Just show them the page and they'll reduce the fee.
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Re: Embassy report: Chinese visa in Hong Kong

Post by aless »

I applied last week in HK (through Forever Bright agency) for a double entry L visa, Italian passport.

Visa was refused.

I have in my passport two chinese L visas, one from 2015 and another one from last year in July, both double entry and both extended for 30 more days in China.

I also have Turkish entry/exit stamps from 2015, for which I had to write a letter stating I just went to Turkey for tourism, they give you a letter you can copy at the agency.

At Forever Bright they also were surprised my visa was refused, I only have two chinese visas in my passport , issued at one year distance one from the other, and my last visa (also applied in HK) was issued after I went to Turkey.

But I think my visa was refused because of the Turkish stamps, there was a girl with me, Brazilian passport, that was issued a single entry L visa just after a double entry one. Last here I didn't have to write a letter about the Turkish stamps, don't know, maybe they didn't see them, my passport is quite busy with stamps and visas.

Could also be because of the Turkish stamps and the BRICS, that's taking place in Xiamen beginning of September.

If someone with Turkish stamps on their passport manages to get s visa in HK, post back.
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Re: Embassy report: Chinese visa in Hong Kong

Post by thierry »

Same to me. French passport with the full collection of stamps got along my bicycle tour to Almaty. I applied in CTS in Hong Kong. I provided a three night hotel booking in Shenzhen and a Hong Kong - Shenzhen ferry ticket. They asked me the purpose of my one month staying in Turkey. Nevertheless they accepted my application. But by the end of the day they informed me that the visa office has rejected my request.
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Re: Embassy report: Chinese visa in Hong Kong

Post by Solatrike »

I have been asking in December 2017 Forever Bright in Hong Kong for my China Visa and had to write a letter why I was in Turkey. But China Embassy refused the Visa though, because I was in Turkey. So I took the ferry to Macau using a second passport to enter Macau and asked at the China Embassy there for a Visa. I didn't bring my "old Passport" just had to write where I was in the last years (from Jan. 1. 2015) So I wrote down every European Country I was, but didn't tell anything about Turkey and the rest of the Silkroad - even didn't say that I crossed China this summer. Normally I should have done the Visa apply at home, the lady said. I mentionned that my holidays were short announced and I didn't had time to go to the Embassy at home (Swiss passport). They wanted to give me only 14 days stay. As I had traintickets for 20 days and hotel bookings for 22days I got 22days lucky me! But this is an exception I guess. Unfortunately this will not help me to make my way further on to Vietnam, because pedelecs are banned in Canton as well and so I cannot enter China with my solar powered recumbent pedelec trike. :cry:
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Re: Embassy report: Chinese visa in Hong Kong

Post by Jealgu »

About one and a half week ago I got rejected in Hong Kong at the new visa center, because:
1. I just had spent three months with an F visa, unckyding one extension, in Shijiazhuang studying Mandarin.
2. I am not a permanent resident of Hong Kong.
Particularly this combination seems to be the problem as I saw other tourists/backpackers applying without immediate rejection.

It took all day, the centre was superbusy, probably because it was after a holiday. See https://www.manuelsalmann.com/blog/how- ... ng#step-2= to know how the center works, I do not have anything more to add.

I lost my landing slip, which proves you legally stay in HK. It is possible to get a replacement at the immigration tower. I took me less than half an hour and the location can easily be found in Google maps.

I already knew rejection was possible as Forever Bright indicated so. They suggested an S2 via the border office. This requires a copy of local id/residence permit of someone living in China and you are only allowed to enter overland via Shenzhen. Another agency,saw no problem, so I decided to go anyway. As their communication was vague I decided to not go via them. Good choice as they are clearly nit as up to date as forever bright.
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Re: Embassy report: Chinese visa in Hong Kong

Post by Kasia&Victor »

Bad news for Hong Kong.

Polish and Spanish passports, got Chinese visas before (by FBT agency in Hong Kong) - impossible now with Turkish and/or Iranian stamps (even though we had been to Turkey & Iran BEFORE our last 3-months long visit to China.

What is more, no tourist visa issued anymore if you have Turkish and/or Iranian stamp. We were offered a group visa for the 2 of us (30 days from the issue date) if we can bring new passports (without stamps), but no guarantees. A deposit required (200 HK$). Today got another email stating that group visas were suspended too. We got the same info from both reliable agencies: FBT and Shoe String.

Don't count on Hong Kong anymore :(
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Re: Embassy report: Chinese visa in Hong Kong

Post by Greg »

I (British) got a 60 day tourist visa in Hong Kong in November 2018.

I had an LoI from friends within China, and at the start I'd booked a flight out and planned an itinerary but hadn't booked most of the itinerary yet.
The clerk at the visa office insisted they only gave 30 day visas in HK and was about to rip up my LoI (it wasn't needed as I'd get the same 30 days as everyone else).
I'd seen a poster on the wall on the way in that said "Officials here don't decide on your stay, that decision is made in the PRC" or somesuch, so I took a photo on my phone and showed it to the visa clerk, who then backed down and allowed me to apply for a 60 day visa. He did make me book every single night of my stay though, so I was in the visa office for several hours and by the end of it I had about £1k out on my credit card, of which I later managed to cancel about £900 worth.
Four days later my 60 day Chinese visa turned up approved.
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