Turkmen transit visa in Paris

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Re: Turkmen transit visa in Paris

Post by tony497 »

Hello guys,

I'm pretty happy, just received my transit visa for 5 days in Turkmenistan from the Paris Embassy... wouhouu! 8-)

Same procedure as Adrien1 said in his last message, except in my case it was from Azerbaijan with turkmenbashi as entry point and Uzbekistan with koneurgench as exit point.

Just be aware that there is no time limit regarding when you are asking to when the visa will begin. In my case I ask my visa 6 months before the beginning date of my transit visa.

Regarding the building in it self, if the street door is close, the code to open the door is 51511, if I remember correctly. Once you are inside be aware that there is two ring bell, one for embassy and one for consulate, you have to ring them for the lady to come down, no point on knocking on the door as nobody is inside.

And of course if you want to pay only 35euros instead of 55euros like I did, for the visa in itself, you have to give them your passport the a week.

That being said, good luck to the next guy!
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