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Silk Road Visas on the Road Advices: my experiences LIVE!

Postby roscher91 » Sun Dec 22, 2013 3:14 pm

Hello, im doin a silk road trip right now and i thought it can be helpful for people planning right now their route to share my experiences now. Im in Tehran finishing the visa war and these are the infos i collected... Im Italian Passport holder.

IRAN- I did in ERZURUM. LOI from Stantours (44euro) was said to be ready in 10-14 days. After 6 days there she was! In Erzurum no problems: fill up a form, give your passport and pay 75 euro for rush-service (ready on the same day you go) or 50 for the "tomorrow-is-ready" service. I had 30 days visa but only to weeks to get in Iran.
In Trabzon is still easiest way as many travellers i met told me, as u need no LOI. Should be around the same price as it is with LOI, maybe 5 euro less or so, same day process. My friend got 90 days to get in Iran but only 21 days visa.

TURKMENISTAN- I'll update from Mashhad in a few weeks!

UZBEKISTAN- To me this is the only painful visa. Tehran:
Urgent service with no LOI is 8 working days process (embassy open 9-11; Sun-Thu... to get there go to metro Gheytarieh, out of the station call a savari and say Pasdaran, at the huge crossing after 10 min get down and pay 1000toman, then go up the main road other 10 min to the north and look for a small parking-like square where is a white building. Not far from the Chinese embassy.)
No LOI normal service: 15 w-days!!!
Prices with no LOI: 15 days turist visa urgent is 60USD, 30 days urgent is 105USD.
YOU NEED NOTE FROM THE EMBASSY: and this was a problem to me. Got there in the italian embassy on thursday (very close to Valiasr Metro, Nofi Loshato) and after waiting about one hour they said it would take 3 DAYS TO GET THE NOTE. Mainly (probably) cos of the visit of italian minister in Tehran, which made the small building very busy.
So i changed plan and made a LOI with Stantours: normal service (10-14days) 31 EURO; urgent service (4-7 days) 62 EURO. I went for the second.
I will update the prices for visa with loi in (hopefully!!!) a few days.
Final advice: do a normal LOI on time as prices should be the same (so told me another traveller who paid 60+45 usd).

CHINA: Tehran.
I think its the easiest visa of all times. Not far from Uzbek embassy. 40 USD for a 30 days turist visa, 90 days to get in. All you need is a note from the embassy and bookings of hotels (no reason to say you will delete them after u get the visa). 4 working days process. Open Sun-Thu.
Many people say Ms.Liu (Bishkek) is able again to make a chinese visa without problems (also in the emails she said "come to my office").
These are her rules:
"We need: Your passport,
One pic 33x 48mm(do not wear white clothes,photo must have a plain white background with no shadows and no grey, no glasses, no headscarf, no beard, head width 15-21mm, head length 28-32 mm). Best advice is to get your passport pictures locally at Magazin-Calon “Радуга” 38 Manas Street, diagonally across the street from the Russian embassy.
A copy of your Kyrgystan visa (or copy of your Kyrgyz entry stamp in your passport *** make sure your entry stamp is clear enough to make a copy or your visa application may be rejected ***).
A copy of your passport information page
The price is 140 USD (included invitation letter and visa and our service). The process takes about 7 days if there are no problems.
The visa is valid for 30 days after start of application process (not from the date when you receive the visa). You can stay in China for 30 days after entering the country. If the time is not enough you can apply for an extension in China at the local police office of the city where you are staying.
If your application is refused by the Chinese Consul, we only charge you for the invitation letter expenses and service charges.
IMPORTANT: If I am able to apply for your visa at present, this does not guarantee that when you come back I will be able to get your visa. The embassy may close for up to one week for national holidays or may change its visa policy.
The Office is open from 8:30 until 18:00. My address is: Chuy Street 142 / 9 Avia Travel Club".

I hope someone can find it helpful and-or have something to share from his recent experience!

Have fun!
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Re: Silk Road Visas on the Road Advices: my experiences LIVE

Postby steven » Sun Dec 22, 2013 7:03 pm

Thank you very much Roscher!
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