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Turkmen transit visa in Rome

Posted: Sat Nov 19, 2016 5:33 am
by steven
E-mail question: I ask you if you, kindly, can tell me how can I get visa ( transit ) for Turkmenistan.
1) I'm together a russian woman. We met in Moscow and we'll fly to Ashgabat.
2) She needs a transit visa or not ?
3) In Italy, Rome, there isn't a Turkmenistan embassy; Vienna's embassy cover the Italy, so must I talk with them ?
4) We need a visa for 7 days, and after this period we cross the border to Hojely, to reah Nukus in Uzbekistan. Fortunatly we have the Uzbekistan embassy in Rome.
5) Italian and Russian people need or not visa for Kazakistan and Kirghizistan ?
6) I already have reserved the Grand Turkmen hotel, in Ashgabat, for 4 nights.

Hi Stefan,

0) all info is on
1) FYI: Russians are refused very often for transit visa
2) see 0 - yes
3) Yes. You can apply via mail.
4) see 0 - maximum is 5 days
5) see and
6) It's a nice hotel. I hope you can cancel your booking. Chances that your application is rejected are real.