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Re: Azerbadjian with my car

Post by vittorimbotti »

We arrived at Port Alat, which is incredibly new and straightforward.
They let our 2004 RHD car in, with 30 days stay, no questions asked.
Total fees paid were:
300USD shipment from Aktau (they have billboards with fixed prices)
12USD bridge fee
20USD Customs

Not cheap, but these are all fixed fees.

Also, for the records, there are several little kiosks that sell SIM cards, exchange money, some snacks, and there is a 24/7 bank that gives Manat, USD and EUR.
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Re: Azerbadjian with my car

Post by semtox »

I pass both Azerbaijan-Georgia car border crossings in September 2017 with personal car (2001 so 16 yers old at the time, 2.0L petrol engine, Euro 0 maybe Euro 1, eu registered)
We entered Azerbaijan by Red Bridge, it took about 1h for our car to pass, because only driver in vehicle allowed.
We all heve e-visa, Car owner need to buy car insurence (20 AZN) despite we have Green Card covering Azerbaijan, so exchange some money before because 50 AZN on border cost us 50 EUR !!!
On exit at Matsimi/Lagodeki/Balaka (150-200km before borter driving from Baku is under construction so we have rally between heavy machines) no other people at all, if we did not ask we'd leave Azerbaijan without any control :) 15min and back in Georgia
Car owner (and driver because only driver in vehicle allowed) have much much harder, he needs to put all our luggage on airport like x-ray machine, then back to car and drive car to x-ray chaimber, sme questions about what we did in Azerbaijan and after 1h back in Georgia
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Re: Azerbadjian with my car

Post by steven »

One more report fell into my inbox:

I thought you may like to know of our experience crossing the Georgia-Azerbaijan border yesterday. We crossed at Lagodekhi. The guards gave a warm smile as we entered Azerbaijan and it was all very friendly.

We'd variously read that right hand drive vehicles are illegal, vehicles older than 10years require a deposit, and you are likely to only be allowed the vehicle in the country for 72hrs.

We had no such problems with our RHD, 2004 Delica. The vehicle is allowed to be here for 90days and that seems to be standard (despite our visa only being for 30 days). They also tried to sell insurance for 90days but I negotiated it down to 30 days, which seems to be the minimum ($20). $20 road tax is apparently payable on departure from the country.

Our Delica has been converted to a campervan. We had to take a few bags of stuff out to go through x-ray scanners but left everything else in the van and it was just given a quick visual check - much easier than expected.
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Post by never2young2travel »

Ok, update for those getting the boat from Baku (Alat port) to Atkau (Kazakhstan).

When we arrived in Azerbaijan (northern border from Georgia) it cost us $15 insurance.

The boat cost:
- $440 for 1 car and 2 people (include food and board)
- $40 'port usage fee' (tried to get out of it but they weren't having it - all tourists paid it)
- $7 'parking fee' at the port (total BS!)
- $21 Road Tax (you pay just as you exit)
= $508!

Go straight to Alat port and buy the ticket for the boat. They may give you a rough indication of when they think it might leave, but they're pretty useless at guessing as it depends on the sea. Use marine traffic website to find out where your boat is (we took the Professor Gul) and use an app that monitors the weather to see how windy it's supposed to be to assess the likelihood of you leaving. Then, you can either camp at the port (I wouldn't recommend it) or go to Baku and stay there (I recommend Sahil Hostel, totally amazing and cheap) - ring up every morning and afternoon to hear about progress.

We waited for the boat for 4 days then when we finally set off (it took 6 hours to load), we had to turn around and come back as the weather was too bad and sat moored on the sea for 2 days, then took another day to finally get there when we moved again). The accommodation wasn't bad at all, plugs on board too so you can charge your electronics. You get to choose who you stay with (depending on space), they are rooms of 4 people. Food is very basic - some form of carbs (very plain rice, pasta or spaghetti) with a piece of chicken and soup for every meal. You can take off the chicken easily and it's vegetarian.
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